Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cabin Fever

Here it is almost spring and we are getting bombarded with snow! I've got the cabin fever bad but I'm making the most of it. I've been busy today doing some cleaning and preparing a Thanksgiving dinner. I know it's March but someone blessed us with a large turkey and what better time to eat hearty comfort food....when it's so cold and snowy outside. My daughter is peeling the potatoes right now that will be mashed with butter , sour cream, salt and pepper. The yummy pineapple yams are in the oven. The turkey is done....I just have to collect the drippings to make gravy and open some cans of sweet corn. We will be skipping the pie.

My girls are so cute they've been busy little homemakers themselves today. They've been rearranging and organizing their bedroom so they can make room for their 2 yr old sisters toddler bed. She's been in our room since birth and doesn't seem to interested in her own bed until today. We'll see if she sleeps in it tonight. Well I have to get off the computer and finish up my meal preparations.