Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Big and the Little

It's been awhile since I've posted anything on my blog. Actually I deleted and started over back in March, shortly after my computer bit the dust. God provided us a brand new computer through the generosity of my dad. I'm so greatful! I never realized how much we used it for homeschooling.

Lately it has been so neat to see how the Lord is so concerned with all aspects of our life........the big and the little. The past several months I've been looking into next year's homeschool studies. I have to admit I been causing myself a lot of stress thinking about it, but after being tired of the burden of worry and realization of the lack of control I had with certain issues ( like lack of money for curriculum) I've been taking these concerns to the Lord and He is helping. Below are some of those concerns and how the Lord has provided that need or has encouraged my spirit.

For several months I've been looking into using My Father's World curriculum. The high school curriculum, although it looks wonderful is way to expensive for us. After reviewing all the items I would need ( I'll get to that next) to make this curriculum work for my 2nd, 4th, and 7th grader I decided I would like to use it. The Lord provided the money through our Stimulas Tax Payment!

One of the items I needed to adapt this study for my 7th grader was a subscription to God's World News. Not quite a month ago I received in the mail info about subscribing to this magazine, and I never requested it! Right around the same time I went to a homeschool tea at the house of one of the ladies that I go to church with. She had no idea I was interested in this magazine which makes it all the more amazing that she started telling us about it. She also mentioned that if we wanted to subscribe as a group & got 7 or more subscriptions sent to her home, a single subscription would be $8.25 instead of $21.95! God just made it more affordable! There are different subsriptions for different grade levels. So I can now get a subscription for each of my children for about the same price as 1 subscription would have cost, not to metion the subscription for my 7th grader is for grades 6-9. I can now adapt this curriculum for my high schooler (9th grader) too.

After ordering My Father's World curriculum (Exploring Countries and Cultures) and getting it a few days ago, I was reviewing the material that should be gathered to have handy....pens, pencils, notebooks, colored pencils, old National Geographic magazines , etc. Yesterday when the children and I were visting their great grandmother I noticed a National Geographic magazine lying on her coffee table. I asked her if she had any past issues she would like to part with. She told me she just recently subscribed to the magazine and when she did she also got us a subscription! She had no idea I would be interested in this magazine but God did! He cares about all areas and aspects of our lives. The big and the little. He is good!


Nancy said...

I have never heard of that curriculum before. Going to have a look at it.

prov31rj said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. :)

I also deal with anxiety about curriculum and the Lord always provides.

Thanks for sharing your blessing stories with us.