Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day Plans

We haven't quite decided what we will do to celebrate Father's Day tomorrow. I suppose whatever my husband feels like doing : ) My father may come over and we will have a simple cookout with hot dogs, baked beans, and potato salad.

This year the kids and I tried to make this father's day extra special for their dad/my husband because he works so hard to provide a comfortable life and home for us. God was good to me when he gave me my husband.

One of the special things that my 14 year old son and I did for him was to make him a movie. We used pictures that we've taken over the years, set to music for a slide show. It turned out so nice! I love the things this new computer can do. Well anyway we were so impatient we had to give it to him today so he could watch it. He liked it so much that he cried. I knew he would because he's that kind of guy....he loves his family so much.

Besides the movie the kids bought him gifts with money that they earned. They bought him oreos, 2 king size Snicker bars (his favorite), pencils and erasers for his business, swimming trunks, a pair of nice shorts, and a tackle box for his fishing stuff. I bought 2 nice shirts for him to wear to church. One was actually a two piece shirt set, that I found on clearance for $4.99. Great deal!

So what are your plans for Father's day? It's important to teach kids that their dad is important and should be respected . There are many little ways to show him, without even spending money.

One year I printed this poem out and lightly stamped each of my 4 little ones footprint on top of the poem. I framed it in a nice frame and we presented it to him on Father's Day. He liked it very much!

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Anonymous said...

I love Father's Day because it is such an important day. I was telling my hubby today that I couldn't wait to give him his presents and he told me AGAIN that he doesn't need presents. We got him a box of golf balls that he looked at a couple of months ago and 2 new packs of underwear because he never wants me to buy them and he NEEDS them :) We also got him 2 Under Armour shirts and a pair of Under Armour shorts for him to wear when he rides his bike to work. He is starting to do that to save gas and I think these will make it more comfortable and keep his work clothes nice and clean. We also got him a coffee press because his old one broke. I can't wait to give it all to him :)