Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The funny things kids say & do

I wanted to share a few funny things my kids have done and said recently.

Just this morning my 2 year old daughter did the funniest thing. I have to give you a little background information first. Yesterday I was reading some toddler books to her, that I had just gotten from the library. The one book was Baby Signs. I was showing her the different signs and what they mean. We came to the sign for the word "more". I told her that when she wants more to eat of something she can make that sign & tell me what it is that she wants more of.....example....like if she wants another popcicle (her current favorite thing to eat)

Well first thing this morning before she even had breakfast, she comes up to me doing the more sign and added the little word pop ~ pop (her word for popcicle) to the end! LOL! Of course I made her eat breakfast first and then she had a popcicle.

Another funny thing my youngest son said recently:

We had an older couple from church over for our weekly Bible Study. I was telling them about how on the way to church we drive past a bar(saloon). Well just 2 days prior on a Sunday when we went past the bar we were shocked to see that it had burnt to the ground......fire trucks still on the scence. The older gentlman made the comment that maybe God had enough of that place and did away with it. My son very innocently spoke up in agreement and said " That song we sing at church says that Jesus tore the bars away." LOL! Oh that was so funny! There is some great truth in that even if he was a little confused about what bars we were talking about.

Well that's it for today. I think I'm going to try to do the blogging thing in the morning & see how it goes.


Grace and peace to you... said...

Ok, so not reading ANY blogs might be a bit rash. ;) I am systematically removing many, much and most of my prior reading though. It got too unhealthy! I've enjoyed grabbing a quick snippet of time here and there to read more about you and your sweet family. You seemed to be on some of the same wave lengths as me, so I wanted to learn more about you. :) I appreciated yesterday's post you put up. Thank you also for your kind words about mine. It is REALLY hard to disconnect completely. I think what you said about computers and online time being an addiction is true. Sometimes, when surrounded by little ones all day, one mom needs to be able to talk with another to gain insight and encouragement. I don't know why it helps, but it does. Guess it's a way of putting an arm around eachother so we don't feel so alone in what we are doing. Funny how we can be surrounded by family and friends and yet like-minded moms are the only ones who really get eachother at the stage of life were in.

I had to re-enable my comments to get to you. :) Couldn't leave you a comment without my password, which I forgot. Google remembers me from my account.

Going to OB/GYN appt this afternoon. Going to ask about Milk Thistle. Thanks for posting about that and the book you read it from. Going to see about trying that. Though not expecting yet, hope to be before long, Lord willing.

Just heard the pitter patter of little feet above this room. Nap must be over. :) Need to scoot. Do you have an email address I could send pictures I can't post? I can send mine through your comments, but I would ask you not to publish as it contains my whole, real name. :)

Have a good afternoon!

Buildeth Her House said...

grace and peace to you ~ Did you get my email? I sent it last night but initially was having problems getting it to send. I was just curious if it went through?