Monday, June 16, 2008

The Globe Trotter

Our pool (the Globe Trotter) has arrived! Well actually the replacement parts for the pool. It's a 12x24 above ground pool very similar to this one . We had some trouble getting it here.....several of the trucking services said they wouldn't service our area, so it's been all over the globe, just trying to find someone that would deliver it to us.

Well it's finally here and the kids are sooooo excited! God has been good to us. No, a pool is not a need but the Lord has given this gift to us anyway. There's a cute little story behind getting this pool. It all started over a year ago when I was getting my boys' haircut at the little country barbershop. The owner who also is the only barber there had told me he was wanting to get rid of his pool. He bought it new over 20 years ago for about $8000. Well his children are all grown and he has no use for the pool anymore. Fast foward to April of this year. My husband and I had been discussing getting a pool for the backyard with money from our tax stimulus payment. I remembered the barber wanting to get rid of I gave him a call. He said he had already promised to sell it for $200 to a man from his church. The man was supposed to come take it down this past fall but didn't. He told him he would come in the Spring. I told the barber to keep us in mind if this other person changed his mind. I broke the sad news to the kids but I told them to start praying because if the Lord wants us to have this pool it will be ours. I know they had been praying about it because I saw it written down in my 9 yr old daughter's notebook to pray about it. May I got a phone call from the barber and he said the pool was ours if we still wanted it because the other man changed his mind.

The pool did need some parts replaced and some scrubbing : ) We were able to use all the (all in great shape) aluminum decking, railing, as well as plumbing, filter, anchors for the walls, ladders, solar covers and a few others things . We had to replace the walls, liner, and pump. The grand total to replace these items was $1400 and we now have a brand new pool! Not bad considering it cost $8000 new . We are so thrilled! My husband is outside putting the walls up right now. Maybe it will be ready to be filled with water this weekend : )


Anonymous said...

HI, I just started reading your blog. :) We just got our pool yesterday! Woo hoo! It's a smallish oval shaped pool, but it will keep us cool in the summer and that's all that counts. :)

Enjoy your new pool!!!!

Buildeth Her House said...


We don't get out much or go on vacation often so we really thought a pool would be a wise investment for our family. I hope you enjoy your pool you said anything to keep cool.