Friday, June 20, 2008

Morning Sickness

I'm not currently pregnant but was just discussing with grace and peace to you the unpleasant & much dreaded morning sickness. I've always heard that morning sickness was a good sign that all is going well with the pregnancy ..........let me tell you though it doesn't feel like it when you are going through it. I remember it all to well from my last pregnancy 3 years ago.

I had bad morning sickness with my first child but it lasted only 12 weeks and actually tapered off after the 8th week. With my second and 3rd pregnancies I had minimal morning sickness. My 4th pregnancy wasn't as bad as my first but it wasn't as easy as my second & third. Let me tell ya though, my last pregnancy left me with a terrible amount of morning sickness that lasted 16 weeks + but in all honesty I had stomach/intestional issues the entire pregnancy. I told my husband several times that whole pregnancy that I was never doing it again : ) Well once she was born & I saw her little face I thought to myself how could I have ever complained.....she was perfect and well worth the difficulty.

I am apprehensive of another pregnancy , even though I would love to have another child. I'm not sure what will happen but in the mean time , just in case, I'm working on trying to be healthier......eating properly, getting exercise (daily walks, while the weather is nice) and taking supplements.
The two things I'm taking are Milk Thistle & Freeda's High Potency Multi -Vitamin
Iron Free Quintabs. According to Shonda Parker's book "The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy", milk thistle is a must for women who have suffered with morning sickness in prior pregnancies. She has had great experience with it and had zero morning sickness with at least one of her pregnancies after taking it daily for several months prior to conception. Milk thistle is a liver supporting herb. If our livers aren't functioning well it will affect us in other ways. It really does make sense.....are liver's filters out all the toxins....if it is over loaded (as it would be normally in early pregnancy) it would be wise to help it out. So I'm taking 2 a day as a precaution.......maybe it will help if I have any future pregnancies.

Freeda vitamins are super hypoallergenic supplements. I have a gluten sensitivity so it's important I take a good vitamin like this one. I choose the iron free because iron is tough on your liver and should not be taken unless it is really needed. I have taken cheapo synthetic forms of iron as well as Hemagenics by Metagenics (these are high quality supplements that you can only get through a health care provider). I got it through my midwife. She said she had never had any of her clients have a difficult time taking them. WELL....they didn't work for me......they made me sick to my stomach. So I just try to avoid iron all together and get it from foods.

What were your morning sickness experiences & remedies or preventatives. Please share : )


Anonymous said...

I had morning noon and night sickness for the first 11 weeks! It was like being constantly motion sick.ewwww. I lost about 4 kilos so it was no joke really. I used to drink electrolite drinks, to replace things quickly, although I was never physically sick I was nausous so not eating or drinking. A friend put me on to almonds. They have all the vitamins babies need to grow and are easy on mama's tummy!! So almonds and dry biscuits were my diet for about the first 11 weeks!! Bethany is fine so it must have agreed with her!

Buildeth Her House said...

I to remember eating almonds.....for the protein in them. That was one thing I learned, to eat often and make sure you get plenty of protein to stabalize your blood sugar. But still I felt sick all made me depressed to feel like that. The more depressed I felt the sicker I felt : ) It was vicious cycle lol!

Shannon said...

Hello! Congrats on your coming blessing!
I had four awesome pregnancies & deliveries, resulting in four healthy boys (one born at home)and never had a day of morning sickness, so I don't know that I'd lean on that as an indicator of anything, but I sure can sympathize because I have 3 friends who are pregnant right now and really struggling with it.

it's great you're paying so much attention to your diet, and if you don't already have the book, I'd recommenr getting nourishing Traditions and reading about her recommendations for pregnancy diet.

As a licenced herbalist, I always recommend taking ginger for morning sickness, in capsule form rather than in a drink or juice or whatever. I can also recommend a great line of supplements- Nature's Sunshine. They are one of the oldest and most reputable supplement company in the country and internationally. Don't worry- I'm not trying to pitch you. I used to be a distributor simply for the discount (you get a check back every month for 20% of what you ordered) but have let it lapse.
What makes NS different and better is that they take every lot of product they receive for packaging and subject it to a 72 hour purity quarantine, testing samples for impurities. If any batch is found to have the slightest impurity, it is rejected and sold to lesser companies such as Shaklee, Herbalife, and many other brands found in supermarkets, health food stores, and private markets.

The prenatal vitamins in particular are very good and never upset my stomach- they're called Nature's Prenatal.

Here's a test to see if your prenatal is good for you or even effective: take a vitamin and hold it in a pair of tweezers, and hold a lighter or a lit match to it. If it simply crackles a bit and turns brown, it's probably absorbable. If it turns black and drips black, it has a coal/tar base (used in the vitamin industry as a binder for vitamins) and you probably aren't even absorbing any of the nutrients in them- they're passing right through you! A good thing to look for in a vitamin is a binder of natural ingredients such as wheat grass juice.

Buildeth Her House said...

Shannon ~ The picture on my blog was from my 4th pregnancy. I put that picture up first because I couldn't find any recent pictures of me on my computer. Well I did eventually find one.....that's the picture of me with my glasses on.

So I'm not actually pregnant right now : )

That's wonderful you've never had morning sickness. Oh I wish I could say the really scares me to think about having to feel that way again. Although I would love to have more children. I have 5 right now ( 3 girls 2 boys ~ 3 hospital births ~ 2 homebirths)

I've used a few of Nature's Sunshine products in the past. Did you use them with your pregnancies? Wondering if that's why you felt so well.
I do have the Nourishing Traditions
cookbook I bought it about 6 years ago. I tried to follow it but found out I needed to eliminate gluten from my diet. So I try to follow it as much as I can. The one thing I can't tolerate any more that this book suggests is the fish oil. It gives me indigestion : (

Thankyou for the suggestion of the ginger & the prenatal vitamin test....I'm going to have to try that.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, when I saw that photo of you expecting your fourth, I thought, "Wow she doesn't look ill." I was ill through the whole of my pregnancy (so bad that I was able to do more around the house the week after my daughter was born than in the whole month beforehand). I didn't find that anything helped with the sickness although some things (such as trying to be active) would make it worse but my best piece of advice is to eat even when you know you will throw it back up because it's so much worse vommitting on an empty stomach than a full one. Also don't eat apples as they're very unpleasant to bring back up.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed a couple of people have mentioned almonds: If there are a lot of allergies in your family it is probably worth taking advice before eating a lot of nuts.