Monday, June 23, 2008

My Day

My second daughter woke up this morning with a swollen and goopy eye. She had complained that it was bothering her yesterday, but it looked fine. As well as a puffy eye, she had a stuffy nose. She hasn't been feeling well this past week. It started off with a sore throat , then a tummy ache, & then the eye problem & a slight fever. I had been giving her this product by Herbs for Kids for a few days. Her throat did stop hurting but then she ended up with these other symptoms.

I called my husband at work and asked him if I should take her to the doctor. He thought it was a good idea. The doctor checked her out ... she has a sinus infection that spread to her eye. I was suprised about the sinus infection because she had no symptoms of her nose being stuffy or plugged untill this morning.......hmmmm... it makes me wonder if it's just a virus. Well anyway the doctor gave me some prescriptions for her and hopefully she will be feeling back to herself soon.

On another note....I've enjoyed blogging but I often go back & forth about continuing. It can be a time consuming & addictive hobby. When I don't have a blog I'm much less likely to be spending too much time on the it will be something I will have to consider giving up...when life get's busy again with homeschooling. I read a great post about blogging here. Hurry though if you would like to read it because she will be deleting her blog in the next few days.

How do you fit blogging/reading blogs into your shedule without allowing it to become addictive?

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Mrs Amy said...

I read my blogs in the morning when I am waiting for Andrew to wake up, as he works nights he tends to sleep later than me! Once he is up I leave the computer to do the things I need to do that day! Sometimes in the afternoon I have time to go back and re read and comment but sometimes I don't.
I try to limit the number I read too, just my favourites!