Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Seasons at Home

Seasons at Home is a new magazine that I have enjoyed reading. I was given the opportunity to share my home birth story, which was published in the Spring issue. So far there have been two issues published.....the Holiday Issue 2007, that came out in the fall and the Spring issue 20008. If you are able go take a look and show your support of this ministry (encouraging homemakers) by subscribing to this magazine.

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Nancy said...

Thanks for your comment. I guess I can't remember ever having an older woman in my life give advice in a mean way, but yes that would be discouraging!
I have just observed that there are often young ladies having a very hard time as moms with something and when someone is only trying to help, they don't respond well and even gossip about it. I knew the intentions of the older lady were good.