Friday, June 27, 2008

Swimming & Cleaning & Horses Oh My!

Yesterday the kids had their first full & warm day of swimming in the pool. Unfortunatley they got a sunburn. My youngest sun had a rough night, not being able to sleep because of it. We were suppose to go to a picnic today but decided not to so they could stay out of the sun . I spent my day doing some usual cleaning. I mopped the kitchen floor , laundry room floor , & the 1/2 bathroom off of the laundry room . I had to use bleach water as it was pretty bad. I usually use vinegar and water (my MIL taught me this, so I've been doing it since we were first married 16 years ago). I also wiped down the stove, refrigerator,dishwasher, washer, dryer and the wall in the hallway (it was pretty bad) with vinegar & water. I cleaned the toilet in the 1/2 bath (that's never a fun job but somebody has to do it). I made dinner, we actually ate early : ) then we went to my son's baseball game. We came home and watched an episode of Daniel Boone. We've watched every episode of season 2 and picked up Season One when we were at the library this week. I would have preferred to watch them in order but they didn't have season one checked in the first time around.

On a funny note.....I had to stop typing because when I looked out the window the neighbor's horse (across the road) was running through our front yard! It looks so strange to see such a big animal running toward your house. Well anyway the horse went back home. This isn't the first time the he's done this. I think he must just want to come over and play with the kids or the dogs : )

I should get plans for today are to go to the drug store and find something for my kids' sunburn. This Banana Boat aloe vera gel doesn't seem to be helping. I would also like to rearrange my bedroom placing our bed on the wall by the windows....hopefully we can feel the cool breeze a little better. I would like to take a look at digital cameras would have been great to take a picture of that horse running through our yard : )

Have a great weekend!

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prov31rj said...

Sorry about the sunburn. I hope it gets better soon.

I was smiling at the story of looking out your window to see a horse coming to your yard. We live in the country and see all sorts of sights our here.

Good for you for getting all that cleaning done. I was a slug this week while dd was at VBS. I just basically took some time for myself. I will call it "personal days". LOL

Have a great weekend.