Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thrift Shopping

Today I went with a friend to help her move a mattress. It was an unusual day for me because none of my children came with me. Usually every where I go I bring at least one of them along. We stopped at a few thrift shops and I found a few things for my kids. It was nice to have a calm & peaceful shopping trip. My two your old can be very energetic & adventurous and shopping can be a chore that I don't like very much : ) Well any how below are pictures of two of my favorite finds on todays shopping trip.This little capri pants outfit is so cute! You can't tell from the picture but it has little lady bugs on it. My daughter won't be able to wear it until next year but I thought it was a deal at $4.50 & the price tags were still on it from the original buyer.
I couldn't pass this dress up because it is Hello Kitty. My daughter loves Hello Kitty. This dress fits her now as a longer dress but she can wear it I'm sure for another year or more. This was $3.50. It looks brand new!
If you didn't notice I was able to put pictures on my blog because I got a new digital camera yesterday! I'm so happy.....I can't do anything but take pictures.
I'm thinking next week I would like to post pictures of my home but I will just share one new room each day since I have dial up it takes so long sometimes to get pictures on my blog. These two pictures took forever as it was to upload....couldn't imagine how long pictures of a home tour would be.
Have a great weekend!


Grace and peace to you... said...

I love the outfits! How cute and what great deals!!! Also, congratulations on getting a new digi camera. Isn't it hard when you don't have one? It's almost hard to remember the days of 35mm now. Ha!

Have a great day!


prov31rj said...

Great bargains. I enjoy shopping and especially bargain shopping. The outfits are so cute.:)