Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Top 10 Summer Plans

Summertime always brings back good memories of my childhood. We didn't have much money growing up, some would even say we were poor, or at least by America's standards. We grew up in an apartment complex but my family always made the most of what we had to work with. We always did something fun that was free or inexpensive.

Now that I have a family of my own the dynamics of our family are different, so it's not as easy for us to go and do some of the things we did growing up. I have 5 children.....even the inexpensive fun can be expensive with 5 children. We also live way out in the country, which we all love but it just doesn't make it easy when you have to drive far to go anywhere. So these are a few of the things we will do to occupy are free summertime:

1. We invested in a pool. We will spend most of our time in this.....hoping to invite friends to come over and keep cool with us. We will just enjoy playing in the yard, walking through the woods, catching fireflies by night and roasting marshmallows over the campfire.

2.Both of my boys play baseball, so that keeps us busy week nights.

3.We planted a very large long as it does well I will have a few things to preserve. Freezer Coleslaw, Kosher Dill Pickles, Jalapeno Poppers, green beans as well as sugar snaps peas to freeze. We also planted little pumpkins that I hope to make pumpkin pies with and the rest of the vegetables we'll just eat throughout the growing season.

4.I would like to go strawberry picking sometime very soon and make some freezer jam. Around the 4th of July we hope to blueberry pick like we did last year and freeze those as well as eating them.

5.We go to the library once a children signed up for the reading program. For a set amount of hours that they read they get a prize. We went yesterday and the kids collected some of their prizes. For my 12 &14 yr old in addition to having small prizes they collect (candy bars etc.) they collect book bucks as well. They use these at an end of the summer library party where they get to bid on bigger things....such as books, an MP3 player, etc.

6. Occasional picnics during the day with church family.

7. We do have a drive-in movie theater very close by. We usually go once during the summer season. It's way less expensive than going to the regular theater. So depending on what's playing we will go there once this summer.

8. We have some very nice bike trails nearby that we enjoyed riding on last summer....we hope to do that again, as a family. The one bike trail we ride on is right next to a park that has several lakes to fish in as well as picnic areas. It's a beautiful park!

9. If we can afford it we will plan a trip to the zoo.

10. We will do some homeschooling. I like to take more of a break in the summer from homeschooling but we thought this summer we would study some American history. There is a homeschooling lending library in our area. It was one great mom's idea to start it! I'm going to borrow Drive Thru History America.


prov31rj said...

Good ideas for summer activities.

I tried to leave a comment a minute ago but it didn't work. So, if two comments show up you will know what happened. :)

We live in the country also and it's a good bit of a drive to go anywhere. I am allowing dd to go to VBS at a nearby church next week. Then our church has VBS in early July.

I am hoping to take her swimming a couple of times also. I wish we could get a pool, but our backyard is not level. It would take a lot of dirt to get a level place for one of those above ground pools.

Grace and peace to you... said...

Thanks for visiting me! I have enjoyed reading your blog and your summer plans are great!!! :) You've inspired me to entertain the thought of perhaps maybe possibly giving my husband a chance to persuade me to invest in a pool also. ;) Tee hee. He's been wanting one for some time and I've been soooooooo reluctant and non supportive. Bad wife, bad wife! I think of all the work that will go into maintaining it. Do you find there is a lot of maintenance?

I like what you said about hopping in the van and just visiting for pete's sake! It does make more sense than an hour on the phone. :) Look forward to reading more of your fun posts!

Buildeth Her House said...

Grace & Peace ~ I really don't know if it's alot work to maintain a pool lol! I've never had one. My husband just got the pool all put together this evening. We will be getting it filled this weekend.

My husband had one when he was growing up. He said it's not just have to do some simple tests each day to make sure you have the proper and right amount of chemicals in it. I'm sure it's some getting use to but well worth the trouble.

prov31rj~ My children enjoyed VBS at our previous church...I did too helping out but our new church doesn't have VBS. I do have a friend that has VBS at her church....I'm considering letting them go there.