Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekly Meal Plan and what do you spend on groceries?

Yesterday I went grocery shopping. I usually plan out a weeks worth of meals and try to make most of my meals from scratch , sometimes buying extra of this or that , gives us more than a weeks worth of meals, like I did this week. Of course some of the other items like TP last longer than a week. I usually focus mostly on dinners when I'm meal planning, allowing simple meals for lunch and breakfast, such as eggs and toast, cereal, P&jelly and other sandwiches as well as dinner left overs. Below is my weekly dinner plan as well as my grocery shopping list. This will feed 3 adults (my brother is staying with us & eats with us when he's not working) 2 boys ~ 14 & 7, that eat like adults : ) 3 girls ages 12, 9, & 2 .

Pasta w/ spagetthi sauce & meatballs & salad
Grilled hamburgers w/ homemade potato salad
Fried breaded catfish w/ sauteed asparagas
Grilled Marinated Chicken with salad/french fries
Sandwiches w/ homemade pasta salad
Grilled Hot dogs w/ baked beans & sugar snap peas
Tacos/Salad with corn chips and salsa

Grocery list

1# hard salami $4.61
1# bologna 3.28
1# roasted turkey 5.98
bag of romaine lettuce 3.18 (walmart was out of heads of Romaine and other lettuces)
1 head of iceburg lettuce 1.44 (that's the only lettuce they had besides the bagged)
3# red grapes 3.18
32 oz. bag baby carrots 2.98
2 bags frozen sugar snap peas 1.94 each
bag frozen sweet peas .87
5# red potatoes 2.87
celery 1.48
green onion 1.18
3# asparagus ( I won't even put the price, let's just say I won't be buying it at that price again)
1# ground mild Italian sausage 2.98
Family size chicken breast 13.98
2# ground round 7.48
2- 5 gallon refills of reverse osmosis water 1.85 ea.
2 packs hot dogs 1.50 ea.
3# ground turkey 1.88 lb.
sour cream 1.68
large jar kosher dill pickles 5.86
1# butter 2.68
larger block of sharp cheddar 3.98
24 slices cheese ( like Kraft but walmart brand) 2.84
2 pack cheddar cheese slices 2.22 ea.
16- small containers Yoplait yogurt .58 ea.
spaghetti .92
2 dozen eggs 1.28 ea.
2 gallons milk 2.50 ea.
1 box cereal 2.04
1 box pumpkin flax granola 2.98
family size fritos 3.98
family size cheetos 3.98
cornmeal 1.18
salsa 3.28
large jar ragu 3.82
2 cans baked beans 1.25 ea.
taco shells 1.14
big bag frozen french fries 3.32
ketchup 2.12
2 packs dry ranch mix ( for pasta salad) 1.32 ea.
box of 100 popcicles 3.96
can of black olives 1.16
peanut butter 3.58
parmesan cheese 2.57
Italian salad dressing 1.58
ranch salad dressing 1.46
bag of sugar 2.12
2 packs hamburger buns 1.13 ea.
2 packs hot dog buns (can't remember had to go to another store Walmart was out of them)
5 loaves of bread (1.34 for wheat , 1.13 for white)
supermega pack of diapers (Parent's Choice) 10.56
dishwasher detergent 2.72
2 - 9 packs Charmin ( I'm picky about TP) 5.00 ea.
fabric softner sheets .96
napkins 1.64
bleach 1.28
bathing suit for my daughter 8.64
2# brown rice pasta (from another store) 6.00

Grand total is about $228.00

So what do you spend on groceries?


prov31rj said...

That looks like you got quite a bit of food for that price. Your milk and egg prices are cheap. That's great.

For us, we are a small family. It's just dh, 9 yo dd and I. We also have a dog and cat and I include their food in my grocery budget as well as any household items.

I shop for 2 weeks at a time and spend from 170.00-200.00. Now , I do have to pick up other things between paydays like more milk or bread etc. However, this amount covers the bulk of my grocery shopping.

Mrs. M said...

There's always stickers shock for me when I get to the checkout at the grocery store. I'm just curious to see what other's gives me an idea if I am over spending, like I always think I am : ) I'm sure I can cut down my bill by eating less meat but we don't really like beans and other types of protein sources. Maybe more casseroles with meat mixed in?