Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bathing Suits & Other Stuff

I was in need of a new bathing suit so I went to Kohl's today to see if I could find any on clearance yet. First let me tell you.....I don't like bathing suits, I don't like shopping for them, I don't like wearing them. It's hard to find a modest one that doesn't make you look like your wearing something out of your granny's closet : ) I like the coverage of a one piece but I prefer to have something with a skirt on the bottom....other wise I feel like I'm in my underwear. I've seen some cute swim dresses online but I don't like to ORDER bathing suits because I have to see them in person & try them on . I like the tankini type bathing suits with the skirt on the bottom but the tank top is always to short and my tummy is hanging thank you...not very modest as well as a frightful sight...I've had 5 belly looks like a battle ground : ) Well today I found the best of both worlds. Look at this bathing suit that I got for 50% off. The bathing suit top is like a tank top & it covers ALL of my tummy & the bottom is a skirt & I don't feel like a granny in it either. It was the most modest suit I could find.
I got this suit for my was also 50% off

Got this pretty dress for my older daughter for $7

When we got home from shopping I went & picked some more veggies from our garden. I picked all these cucumbers today. This is beginning to get a bit overwhelming ...all these cucumbers. : ) I thought I would try making this sweet pickle relish recipe or some other...haven't decided yet. Hopefully it will turn out better than the pickles. By the way not all of the pickles tasted they all aren't going to go to waste.

This is a view of our back yard & the sticks all ready for a bonfire tonight . We'll be roasting marshmallows for smores. So here you go a bit of my weekend in pictures.
P.S. We came in a little while ago. We had a nice time as a family tonight. Sitting around the fire talking & roasting marshmallows. After we had our smores we played hide n seek in the dark. Pairing up with someone. My 2 year old had the most fun....she was so quiet never giving herself away...of course except when she wasn't hiding with me : ) My 14 year old son was quite clever hiding on top of the shed roof. We couldn't find him for anything in the dark black night. My husband said he heard some little animal critter behind him in the field, when he was hiding. We really had a good time and plan on doing that more often.


Suzanne said...

That's a cute suit:-) What a fun night!

Joyfull said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed my visit here! That is so true about bathing suits. The one you found is fabulous! Loved the other buys also. My sister in law loves Kohls, but I have never been there. Sounds like I need to go! Have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

I love your suit! Your daugther's suit and dress are darling too!!! I just got a suit yesterday almost exactly like yours (two peices) only mine is all black. How funny is that??? :) I got mine at Target. It is a long tank with a skirt bottom.


His Tender Mercies said...

Rebecca ~ See we must really be alot alike : ) I should have gone to Target too but I just figrued I wouldn't be able to find anything there because I couldn't find anything at Walmart. It is a much better bathing suit than most but I still think the top could be a little more modest, but it's so hard to find something 100% perfect.

Anonymous said...

The bathing suits are darling! I am so happy you found exactly what you needed and at 50% off! Isn't God good to His children?

The bonfire sounded like great fun. I love bonfires! (and s'mores!!!)

prov31rj said...

What nice swimsuits you found.:)

It is so hard to find decent ones that are modest, but cute. The one I got for myself has a bottom almost just like the bottoms on your suit. Then it came with two different tops. One is black with pink stripes down the side and the other top is pink floral. They are regular tank style tops, but with thin shoulder straps. I wish I hadn't paid so much for mine, but it will last for several years hopefully.

Glad all your pickles aren't salty.