Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blogging Plans

Last night I had a talk with my husband about blogging & privacy . He felt it would be best if I didn't include pictures of myself, the children or him on my blog. I agreed that probably is the best choice to make, even though it's not as fun : ( I love seeing pictures like that on other ladies blogs & I love to share pictures of my family. But he's just thinking about our safety/well being. I don't blame him especially after seeing how things can get pretty mean and hateful out there in blogland. I would hate to have someone take something I said in the wrong way & start to harrass me & know what we look like........it's better to be safe than sorry. At this point I guess that will be my first step to make my blog more private & I guess I'll just see how it goes from there. So for now my blogs not going to be private.

Yesterday the doctor's office called and let us know my oldest daughter has strep throat....the rapid test was not accuarate but the one they sent out was. I went last night & picked up her prescription. I hope this is the end of it & no one else comes down with it.

My kids are downstairs in the basement cleaning it up. It's their play area and they've made quite a mess out of it. My husband was wanting them to clean it up so he's down there helping them. He's so nice. I would just tell them "you made the mess you clean it up" : ) I've helped clean up that messy basement in the past & it just causes me a great deal of stress, so it's just best I stay out of there. No need to make myself cranky : ) That's what usually happens and you know the saying "When mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy"


claimthemountain said...

I understand your need for privacy. Isn't it sad that our world is such that we have to worry about such things?

I do enjoy your blog. Blessing!

marybeth said...

that is a good idea about no photos, it's sad for us but safe for you. I love the blog and all the reading. have a blessed day. hugs