Monday, July 14, 2008


I'm considering making my blog private? I enjoy getting my thoughts out in words & memories with pictures written down somewhere. For me, blogging is the easiest, fastest & cheapest way to do it. It's pretty much free, except for the cost of internet service, which I would have any way. I wouldn't mind it being private but I do enjoy the interaction & friends I've made through this blog. I just don't know if I'm 100% comfortable being "out there" having just everyone and anyone reading about my personal life. I can think of one person inparticular that I would never want knowing anything about my life . She claimed to be a friend and betrayed me in a very big way. So I do think about her when I'm sharing about my life on this blog....who knows maybe she's been reading here. I'm just not so comfortable with it anymore. So I'm going to give it a few days of thought & prayer.

Have any of you had a private blog before & how does it work for you? Do people actually ask to be readers of your blog? Or do you just invite the people you want?


Nancy said...

well I would miss your blog...I think you have to invite people to read then.

Anonymous said...

I have made my blog private from time to time when I have been thinking about not blogging or something similar but I have never had a private blog so I am not sure how it would work! In the end you need to do what is right for you and your family. :-) just invite me to read!

Suzanne said...

Never had a private one, I understand where your coming from though:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey there! We are back and running again, sort of. I don't have email yet but I can browse the internet and at leastleave a comment to say hi. You know, days of no computer were kind of good for me. I got a lot done. I can almost feel the vacume of this room starting up again... :) It's pulling me in...

Anyway, I had some catching up to do on your blog. I really liked your canning post. I have always had an interest in that too. I have a canner but need some jars and lids.

I totally, completely understand your thoughts on keeping your thoughts and life private. You are right, anyone can read what you write and I've had those very same thoughts. My husband was never totally supportive of the idea anyway. I may just shut it down for this season of my life. This, I don't know yet. It is a lot of work to set it up and so I've been reluctant to close it out....Don't know. :}

I do love your blog but support you 100% if you keep it private. I would almost encourage it if you are getting the feeling you should. That could be the Lord speaking...? Just a thought. I will pray about that with you as I know you are prayerfully considering what to do.

Well, just thought I'd pop in here while I had a chance to and say hello. Hope you have a great day!

Rebecca (aka grace and peace to you)

prov31rj said...

I understand your concern. I also think about privacy and that is why I try to be careful.

I don't post pictures of my dd at all and haven't posted pics of myself yet. I just don't feel comfortable doing that.

I hope the Lord gives you the direction you need. Do what is best for yourself and your family.