Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Fun Busy Day

My daughter on the zip line ~ as I was taking this picture I stepped backwards, not paying attention to where I was going...I stepped on the pulley rope. Well it caused her to stop in midair right over top of the small watering hole that is filled with snapping turtles : ( She said she could feel her hands starting to slip but thank goodness my oldest son acted fast........he pulled her in : )

First thing this morning I was up cutting up watermelon & washing grapes to make a simple fruit salad for my two sons' end of the year baseball picnic. I then checked out my garden & watered my potted flowers on the deck. We then headed off to the picnic where we enjoyed lots of yummy food : ) Both of my sons were given a nice trophy for their participation in the baseball league this year. After we ate my oldest son played home run derby with some of the older kids and the rest of us played on the playground. I ran into an old friend from my childhood...she was their with her young son who also played for the same league this year.

After a few hours of fun we decided to head toward home but stopped at a friend's house first to drop off some video games that my son's borrowed from her's. It was a nice little visit.....we stayed outside & chatted and tried out their new zipline. I went on it twice : ) It was fun but a little unnerving toward the end of the ride as your heading straight toward a tree...hoping your not going to fast to stop yourself : )

When we got home I went and picked lots of cucumbers from the garden, as well as some yellow squash and zucchini. I washed the cucumbers and put them in a bowl in the fridge to have ready to can after church tomorrow. I have to get it done...they take up too much room in my fridge. I think I will be getting more than 6 qts out of this bunch.

After that fun my husband, 2 year old daughter and I went on a short walk down our road. It got pretty warm so when we got back to the house we all got into the pool to cool off. We had fun.....all of us racing across the pool & playing chicken fight. We then all got out of the pool cleaned up & headed to Walmart & Home Depot. I needed to get some more ingrediants for my pickle making tomorrow. We wanted to stop at home depot to see if any of the deck/patio gazebos were discounted yet. They had one left & it was the floor model but they took $20 off of the price & we got it for $100 ....$50 cheaper than the price of it here . They have to take it down so we won't be able to pick it up until Monday. I'm excited, it will be really nice to have on our deck. It's so hot during the day that it's unbearable to even be out there. This will give us some nice & needed shade.

When we got home we had a very simple meal......sandwiches, leftover fruit salad & chips. We just don't like to eat cooked food when it's so hot. The rest of this evening we've just been relaxing. The kids are having fun playing in the basement (there sleeping there again tonight because it's nice & cool). I had to change the sheets on our bed just a little bit ago.... 2 year old daughter was eating a cookie on our bed : ) I took the sheets off and threw them in the washer. Well now I'm off to go slip into bed. Have a nice weekend : )


Anonymous said...

How fun that zipline looks and what pretty woods. Do you have any on your place? I live on a pasture with NO trees except around the perimeter. We have 8 small trees that we've planted in our yard, but it will be a while before they look like anything. I am happy you got a gazebo for your porch/deck. That will be nice for your family. I completley understand the need for shade! We only get it from our house depending on where the sun is. We face West and the back of our house East. We play out front in the morning and out back late in the afternoon. I am thankful for that. :) Those treats your daughter made look so good! I love hearing about your garden and you pickling and such. very inspiring. :) One day, we'll have a garden and hopefully will be doing some of that too. I'll probably ask you how when the time comes.


His Tender Mercies said...

Hi Rebecca,

We have 26 acres almost exactly half is pasture & the other half is heavily wooded. The front half which the house sits on is the pasture part. There are a few baby trees and a few large pines but that's it. So there is no shade. It's nice though to take walks down the path back to the woods, where it's nice & cool. We've talked about sometime down the road putting a long driveway in back to the woods & building a house or log cabin back there. But were happy with what we have now.....we just love the woods...our former home was on an all wooded lot.

Randi said...

This sounds like a lovely, simple day!

prov31rj said...

You always seem to have such nice, fun weekends. :)

I think I would have been too scared to go on that zip line thing.

Enjoy canning and preserving your garden bounty. How I wish I had a green thumb.