Friday, July 11, 2008

Pesky Old Mouse

No we don't have mice problems , at least not the furry kind. My left click button on my computer mouse won't work so I'm limited on how much I can do on my computer. I tried to moderate comments and I just couldn't figure out a way to do it without having to use that left button. The sad thing is this mouse really isn't an old's brand new and came with the brand new tower my dad bought for us back in May. I'm going to go take it up to where my dad bought it and see if they will replace it. I would think it would under the warranty.

I had to return some libary books today, pick up some of my gluten free bread from food co-op and ran to Walmart to get the things I need to can some kosher dill pickles this weekend. The cucumbers in my garden are starting to explode and I want to get right to canning them before it get's out of hand or they are no longer fresh.

Just to let you know.... I'm an amateur when it comes to canning. I've only done it a few times in my whole life & it was me pretty much watching/learning from someone who was experienced. Anyway I got this pickle recipe from a friend and it really seems simple. She's been making them for years. The pickles can be kept in the fridge or on a shelf but I figure I will keep them in the fridge since they taste better and stay crisper that way. If a jar doesn't seal properly than it's not a big deal because it's in the fridge.

I made a doctor's appointment today for all of my children. We will be going tomorrow. I wrote about how they all have been sick. The fevers are gone but I'm positive that my 12 year old daughter has a sinus infection from the pain she is having & the fact that her eye is now infected and puffy. I started using the left over eye drops that my 9 yr old daughter had used several weeks back. It's helping her eye but doing nothing for her sinus infection. She's been drinking Emergen C and I have been massaging Tei-Fu oil onto her forehead and around her nose & other areas of her face that's hurting. It would take away the pain as well as the headache , but it would return after awhile. Her headache would return even with I think it's best to get into the doctors office before the weekend in case she and my other children get worse & not better.
I really don't like to use antibiotics if we really don't have to. I hear about the over use of them and how there are now super strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics & then even stronger antibiotics are needed next time. I tell ya sometimes ignorance is bliss. I'm sure my parents never had to worry or even thought about these things. My mom drank & smoked when she was pregnant with me. She was a little lady at 95 lbs. & gained only 14 pounds with me. I was born 2 months early and had health issues. I stayed in the hospital for a month and half. My parents didn't have a car or much money to take a cab from New York State (where they were living) to the Bronx (I was taken to the hospital there after I was born) to see me. So they din't see me for a month & a half.....they only were able to get updates over the phone. I was formula fed for a short time and them my mom gave me good old Carnation milk out of a can. So even after all of that........I'm still here : ) Go figure. Surely it's only by God's grace.

Well I'm getting sleepy ...time to go to bed : )

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Mrs Amy said...

I know that anitbiotics are over used these days but there are times when they are needed!! I have always suffered from bad sinus infections to the point where I have had 2 surgeries! The bet anitbiotic advice I have ever been given was from an ICU nurse, 1)ALWAYS take the whole course no matter what!!

2) take a "bolus" does first, normally this would be 2 tablets instead of 1, this gives your system a big kick and is perfectly safe, infact if you were having antibiotics in hospital this is what you would get!

3) take them regularly,so that the levels in your system never drop too low and you have to play catchup, sometimes this means waking through the night, I set an alarm if I have to. It is worth it though. By doing this you can often avoid the need for a repeat course. I hope this advice helps some!

Also thanks for dropping by and leaving such an encouraging comment on my blog, I think that I definately underestimated how draining pregnancy can be! But I am getting better at giving myself permission to take it easy. Just because other women sailed through doesn't mean I have too. Thank you for your encouragement though it meant alot!