Thursday, July 3, 2008


Today was one of those days where I felt very busy but didn't get much done around the house. My daughter had her ballet classes, so while she was there my two younger daughters (9 & 2 )went grocery shopping with me. My 9 yr old dd helped keep track of what we were spending by using the calculator. I just would tell her the price of an item as I put it in the cart. I was afraid she would put the wrong numbers in or push a wrong button and I would be way off. I was trying to be careful because I had cash only to pay for groceries. She did a great job because she came up with almost the exact numbers as the cashier. She was so careful & did a good job.... what a help she was : ) After grocery shopping I went & refilled our 5 gallon water cooler jugs. We buy water for 25 cents a gallon at place in town. I just don't like the taste of our well water.

I then picked my daughter up from ballet & headed home. We had a simple dinner of sandwiches & was just too hot to eat cooked food. Really it was a pretty uneventful day until a few hours ago.

My 2 yr old fell asleep on Daddy's lap and when he layed her down & I checked on her she felt pretty warm ,like she had a fever. I checked her temp. & it was 101, although to me she felt warmer than that. She acted like her normal self all it just seemed strange that she all of sudden had a fever. I woke her up ,gave her some Tylenol , Herbs for Kids, & wiped her down with a cool wash clothe. I tried to get her to drink some cool water but she didn't want any.

She seems to have cooled down and is sleeping peacefully. I hope whatever is wrong passes quickly. It's so hard to see my kids sick, especially the littlest ones because they just can't tell you how they feel & it's so hard not to start worrying.....and I tend to always think the worst. I'm so glad that God as made it possible for me to lift them up in prayer to's really the only peace I have when they are sick. I'm going to check on my little one and then head to bed myself.


Grace and peace to you... said...

I hope your little girl is feeling ok today and that the fever is gone. Could it be teeth coming in - some back molars or something? I know that worry thing. We haven't vaccinated much and so worry can sweep over me like a flood sometimes. I hit the internet with symptoms and sometimes pull up some scary stuff. But, God is so good and protects them even better than I can. He honors my efforts but the old mommy worries sneak in when the sickies rear their heads.

Good idea taking a calculator to the store. Good for knowing what it's going to be at the check out counter and great that you involved your daughter. What a valuable lesson - you took homeschool to the store!

Buildeth Her House said...

My youngest two haven't been vaccinated much ,well the youngest not at all. So this is the first thing that comes to mind for me when they are sick. I'm still not certain about the whole vaccination thing, so I just don't do it. Until I'm sure of my choice or until my husband says just do it......I'll hold off.

Grace and peace to you... said...

I have not had any for my daughter yet either. I am thinking about getting the polio shot. That is the one thing I don't want her to get. It is nearly obsolete in the U.S. but we've got so many immigrants coming in - many not legal around here. I worry there might be a resurgence of it from other places that don't have it so under control. I am like you and just not sure about it all. I just know that pumping a tiny person full of viruses can't be good and I wonder how much of that should be attributed to SIDS.