Monday, July 28, 2008

Believer's Baptism

Yesterday our church had a baptismal service and picnic. The picnic was lots of fun with games and food but I most enjoyed the baptisms. There was one mom that I would guess is close in age to me, whom I've just been getting to know a little better. Well she was baptized as well as others. She is a very quiet, some what shy and reserved lady but she so eloquently shared her testimony. The words flowed so beautifully and I was truly blessed by her testimony : )

She said she did not grow up in a Godly home and even questioned the existence of God. She said she felt a very empty feeling that penetrated deep into her very being & she became very aware of her sin. She said she tried to change her behavior, she read the Bible, she went to several different types of churches and explored different religions (which confused her even more). She even got baptized but nothing took away that emptiness. She said she cried out to the Lord and asked him to show her what it was she wasn't seeing, what she didn't understand and make her see. Well she read her Bible again after that prayer and God showed her. He showed her through His word her need for repentance , forgiveness of sin and her need to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ alone and that's when she became a child of God. She trusted in Christ and he washed away her sin. What a moving testimony! I wish all of you could have been there.

My husband is newer Christian ( a few years ago he was saved) and has not yet been baptized. He wants to be and knows he should be because it is an outward profession of Christ. He is very nervous about public speaking though & just standing in front of a crowd. I ask if any of you feel led , pray for him. There will be another baptism in a month or so & he might not get another opportunity until next summer. I believe God will bless his obediance.


Nancy said...

I'm praying and believing God will help your husband overcome this. (my husband is in the same situation) I believe God can make them forget they were shy when it comes to this!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that your husband is newly saved!! Another name in the lambs book of life! I will be praying for him and his baptism, Andrew was really shy about it and in the end we decided to be baptised together, it was really special but the special part for me was that my super shy husband ended up giving a beautiful testimony about why we had choosen to be baptised together and that it was a personal dedication and a way of dedicating our marriage to God as well. Brought tears, isn't it amazing what God can do!

prov31rj said...

What a good day that must have been. I love to hear peoples' testimonies.

I will pray for your dh.

My dh was saved in 2002 and was baptized a couple of months later. He did not have to give a testimony,but if he had been expected to , he would have been reluctant. He is on the shy side in regard to those things also.

Is this a tradition in your church for a person who is being baptized to give a testimony? I think it is a good thing, BTW.

His Tender Mercies said...

pro31rj ~ I think the testimonies are just a part of the whole "confessing with your mouth" thing. I don't know exactly why are church does it that way. We've only attended this church a few years.
When I was baptized, the church I went to made it optinal to share my testimony. I shared it though because I wanted people to know what the Lord had done it my life.

I think sharing testimonies is important because it is edifying to the body of Christ as well as a benefit to the believer sharing it. When certain things happen in our lives that are surely God's working/doing, I think the devil likes to try to make us think that they were unimportant or happened by chance & aren't worthy of sharing with others. So then God does not get the glory by keeping it to ourselves.

Suzanne said...

I will pray for your husband. God will work on him:-)

Dora said...

You know, baptism, while being an outward profession of faith and a beautiful thing, doesn't have to be public. In fact, to feel that it doesn't count if it's not public is akin to legalism. Would your pastor or other church elder/associate consider baptising your husband in a private pool or creek somewhere? It could be just you, your husband, pastor, and a few close friends. That's how my husband and I were baptised- in a quiet lazy bend of the Colorado river by our pastor. His wife took pictures, and 2 friends were present.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful testimony!! I love baptisms, too!

I am definitely praying for your husband, and for you as a source of quiet strength to him, that he move forward with baptism; and that he will willing turn over any fear or reservations to God.