Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Home Birth Post

I'm not trying to beat this subject into the ground. It's actually kind of funny.... I rarely even talk about home birth to anyone. Since I put up my first post on home birth a few days ago I've come across different sources on the Internet that speak of it in a negative light.

First let me say I'm not a die hard homebirther ( one that's cramming it down every one's throat or expecting that everyone should be doing it or there is just something wrong with them.) Both of my homebirths went well & were a blessing to me. I chose to homebirth because I feel that was God's plan/will for me. I don't necessarily believe that it will always be in His plans for me for every birth. I will seek His will about it if I ever conceive another child. Certainly there can be risks in birth whether it be in the hospital or home, but there are precautions that can be taken, as well. My last hospital birth, there were complications, that were brought on by interventions that were not needed.

I have been blessed by good home birth experiences/outcomes, but I wouldn't say that's my motivation/reasoning to birthing at home......to have a "good birth experience". My reasoning is to try to avoid complications. When I gave birth in the hospital it was so hard to just let things happen without interference. It was difficult to relax & not be distracted & I certainly was not encouraged to do things naturally. I found labor much easier to work with and tolerable when I could just relax & be left alone in my own home....not having to think about constantly timing contractions , making sure they were close enough together to leave for the hospital, or worrying about leaving to soon or to late to get there or thinking about where the kids were gonna go, etc. At home.......I could just let it happen. Most of the time when you let nature takes its course in birth..... the least likely complications will occur . Certainly there are times intervention is needed when natural labor is not going as it should or there are other health complications in mother & baby.

It would be nice to have a middle ground in maternity care but it seems to not be there, at least not for me, in my area. Many women have the option of birthing centers. I think that's a wonderful option, because most of the time you know in that setting your wishes/desires will be honored. The problem for me is I don't have a birth center anywhere near me. ....only for the amish & they won't let me birth there I've already asked , before I sought out homebirth : )


Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't know you home-birthed. Now that is what I call gumption with some to spare. :) And of course, doing what is right for you and your child. Have a great night.


His Tender Mercies said...

I'm glad you said that!...That you didn't know I've had home births. It just proves that I don't talk about it & that I am not some uninformed Home Birth Advocate shouting lies & misinformation from the roof tops. On another site, I left a few comments on, for the first time...I was accused of having an error in my thinking & talking like a Natural Childbirth Advocate. I guess because I've had homebirths that were safe & one bad hospital birth that was not.

prov31rj said...

I am glad you had good homebirth experiences. It makes sense that you are more relaxed at home and people aren't constantly bugging you like at the hospital.

My dd was born in a hospital and it worked out for the best for us. It was a high risk pregnancy due to some medical issues I have. When I first became pregnant, I looked into going to a birthing center, but they would not take me due to me being high risk. :(

Audrey said...

I LOVED all of my homebirths, 100 fold over my hospital births. This next birth will be a UC Birth, Lord willing, as long as nothing comes up along the way that changes our decision.

My homebirths were all under 3 hours from start to finish, one of them was all of 45 minutes. My hospital births were anywhere from 6-10 hours long.

There is a primalness to having a baby without someone breathing down your neck. A oneness with the Creator! Its a beautiful thing!!

Nancy said...

I wish I dared , but to be honest homebirth scares me because we have had babies with health issues and our first one was breech.
It sounds nice but don't know if I could actually decide to do it.

His Tender Mercies said...

Nancy~ Home birth isn't for everyone : ) I can't say for certain but I don't know that you would even be a candidate for a home birth due to the health problems your children have had.
Your first being a breech you definately couldn't have had a homebith. My 5th baby was breech but that was a best case scenerio. She was my 5th (my body had given birth 4 times before,)she was not big ~ 7 # 5 oz, and she was a frank breech (butt first).

I believe God directed and led me to home birth. I don't know what He will have me do if there is a next time.

Just like in everything God calls you to do.....He will help you through it.