Friday, August 1, 2008

Birthday Gifts

My daughter's 10th birthday is next week & I thought I would share with you pictures of the gifts we bought her
This I thought was so pretty...a card kit to make 8 glittery bird cards. She love's making cards and she loves watching this is a perfect fit for her.
She asked for some art supplies because she enjoys drawing. I thought watercolor pencils and water color paper were a little different & would allow her to be more creative.

She absolutely loves horses....I found this pretty necklace.

She asked for these horses. Breyer makes many collectable play horse items.


Carrie said...

hi! Thank you so much for adding me to your blogroll!! I'll be adding you as well! I really appreciate it! I had horses like that when I was a child and I wish I still had them! they were very beloved toys!! Breyer is really a wonderful company!!

His Tender Mercies said...

I like your blog, especially your gluten free stuff. I still need to put your other blog on here, but since I can access it from your heart of a servant blog I haven't been in any rush.

Suzanne said...

What lovely gifts, I have a 9 and 4yod's that would be thrilled to receive those:-) Happy Birthday to yours!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...what great gifts! She is going to love them. You really KNOW your child and have taken the time and effort to give her something she will truly enjoy. I know what goes into buying gifts. It takes thought, time and a concerted effort. You didn't go overboard and get a bunch of trendy, spendy stuff. Just simple, sweet things that will bless your daughter. That is an effective way to show love to your children.

It struck me that I too, God willing, will have a 10 year old girl one day - perhaps who likes such delicate things. Wow...