Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting Close To That Time of Year

The homeschooling year is right around the corner for us. We will most likely start our year after Labor Day. Life will be getting busier again. I'm not really one that likes to follow a more rigid schedule but it looks like I may have to, with 5 children, who are becoming more & more active. This is what my week will look like, not counting our daily homeschooling & cooking & bumps in the road {emphasis added}

Mon. ~ So far this day seems to be clear of outside activities. I may make this the day I clean the kitchen, family room, half bath, and laundry room area of my home. Yeah! A day to stay home : )

Tues. ~ Guitar lessons for my son in the afternoon & Bible Study group at our home in the evening.

Wed. ~ Ballet classes in the afternoon & Bible classes at church in the evening.

Thurs. ~ Piano lessons in the morning. It seems like we were doing something else on Thurs. last year, except I don't remember what it was : ) I think it was a second ballet class, that we dropped.

Fri. ~ So far no outside activites. This day I will use to clean the rest of my house. I don't want to have to spend the weekend cleaning if I can help it. My youngest son might be signing up for a class & that maybe adding another activity to our day.

Sat. ~ Is usually a day to do something as a family or get projects done at home.

Sun. ~ We go to church in the morning & often have family visit on this day.

I don't really have a specific day to grocery shop. I will have to use one of the days that I don't have an outside activity, for that. I can use that day for our weekly library visits as well.

I'm really not very good at juggling a larger than normal family but I am trying to do the best I can without driving myself crazy : ) This might not seem like a very busy schedule to some of you, but it is to me. I'm NOT a good multi tasker : ) People ask me if I'm involved in a homeschool group.........I laugh.....when do I have the time? I wonder where blogging will fit in? I may just have to update once a week or less. So if you are wondering where I've gone you'll know : )

Have a great day!


SimpleMommy said...

You know, one of the most valuable things I learned as a young SAHM was when to say "no" to too many outside activities. :)

My oldest 2 are teenagers now & they're getting busier and busier. Sometimes I feel like I never even *see* my oldest. :)

I have a 4 yo that according to *other's* standards should be involved in all sorts of, swimming, gymnastics, outside pre-school...on and on and on.

I find our family runs more smoothly when we limit activities and do only those things that, as parents, we feel are necessary. :)

Those days at home with no outside obligations.... aren't they refreshing? :)

His Tender Mercies said...

Simple Mommy ~ Oh yes I agree those days without outside obligations are wonderful! I don't do well with following rigid schedules. Days that we don't have to follow rigid schedules because we have to go somewhere are so much more relaxed and enjoyable homeschool days. Even having to go out just for a half hour seems to throw my whole homeschooling day off......all I can think about is what not's getting done & I start feeling panicky & overwhelmed. It truly is hard to find a healthy balance.

We only allow our children 1 outside activity & that seems like a lot to me because I'm the one running them around : )