Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting Ready for Winter

The weather is beginning to change here, cooler nights, shorter days & leaves changing colors.....a sure sign of autumn. Before we know it will be winter. Which will bring with it snow and cold winds. Time to think about how we will keep warm :)
We heat our home with a wood burning furnace and need lots of wood to do it. The Lord blessed us with lots of wood. My husband helped clear trees off of property that was getting ready for a build.
The wood will need severals months to dry out to be used for fire wood. We our a little behind on getting it split & dryed for the winter. So my husband borrowed a log splitter to get busy splitting : ) We will be working on that this weekend. Splitting and stacking the wood in our wood shed and some in our basement where it can dry. This evening we worked on it some. Below is a picutre of my son being taught how to operate the log splitter. We are thankful to have all of this fire wood. We will be heating our house this winter for FREE!


Nancy said...

That is neat!
Thanks for your comments... I have been having a hard time posting comments, even when I can view your blog.
Yes, I am at peace, but surely not without struggling at times.
I have fears and insecurities that I sometimes struggle with.
I want to focus on being thankful in all things. Instead of looking at what I had to go through, look at what God did for me while going through it.
Sometimes I think we chould feel honored that God is allowing these things for such a great purpose in our lives. I have seen what good He is able to do with the things that hurt the most. That in itself is a miracle!

His Tender Mercies said...

I know what you mean. God has used difficult things in my life for good...mostly to be drawn nearer to Him. Although those things are NOTHING in comparision to what you have been through.

prov31rj said...

PTL for all the free wood. :)

That is a real blessing. Fuel prices are so outrageous these days. I am happy to hear this will help you this winter.

Anonymous said...

I can feel the weather changing too. Last night I turned the fan down and pulled up a second quilt. I am not ready for the cold weather to hit us! However, I am ready for hot apple cider, apple picking, hayrides, pumpkin pie and beautiful fall colors.

Alyssa Spring Corley said...

I LOVE your picture at the top of your page. Beautiful children!