Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gone Fishing

Our 5 on the fishing pier.

The kids have just settled into bed after having two fun filled days. It was such a nice weekend ...I feel so blessed. Our weekend of fun started around 6:00 Friday evening when we arrived at our local county fair. We rode rides, ate fair food, drank fresh squeezed lemonade & spent quite a bit of time in the horse barns . My kids got a chance to pet and sit on a beautiful Pinto horse named Warrior. My girls really would love a horse, but for now we will just have to admire them at the fair, and pray about the possibility of getting one sometime in the future.

We were having so much fun at the fair, we didn't leave until the fair closed at midnight! I just wish we would have been able to go earlier in the day & stay til midnight, so we would have had a chance to see all the exhibits & animals.

First thing this morning my daughter opened her birthday gifts. Watching her open her gifts was pure bliss. From birth she has had such a gentle & sensitive spirit. When she opened her first gift....the sterling silver horse necklace , her face just lit up & both my husband and I thought she was going to cry....she was overjoyed : ) So my sweet little baby girl who was born with a head full of black hair is now 10!

After she opened her gifts we mostly lounged around the house...doing some light chores & laundry. Around 4pm we decided to head out to Walmart to get a fishing license & some picnic food. We went to one of our favorite parks, that's hidden away back in the woods. It has some nice lakes to fish in. It is a private & secluded park that also has a great bike trail along side of it. We enjoyed a picnic dinner near the water & some fishing. The only one that caught a fish was my 2 year old dd (actually me, although she was trying to fish helping me hold onto the rod). I don't think she quite understood the concept of fishing because when I told her she caught a fish & I started to reel it in, she started to panic. Once she saw the little sun fish....she started to protest....." I don't want fish!, I don't fish!, I don't want fish!" It was a little bit sad but a little bit cute/funny to see her reaction. She eventually calmed down when we made a big deal about her catching a fish . I think it especially helped when her big brother gave her a high five : 0 )

We left the park around 8:00 pm , just before the storms arrived. When we got home we had cake and ice cream & just spent the rest of the evening relaxing. What a nice time we had!

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