Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Great Parenting Book!

I have recommended to others the book " The Power of a Praying Parent". I thought I would give an explanation to why I like it so much. First off, I was given this book by a dear older lady that I used to go to church with. She loves her children & grandchildren dearly & she prays for them so faithfully. I didn't sit down & read the book when she gave it to me....really just skimmed through it. It got packed away when we moved , so I really hadn't read much of it.

About 2 years ago my son had begun hanging around and spending alot of time with a another boy & his family. They were a homeschooling family & the mother professed to be a Christian. It wasn't long into the frienship I realized that there was something not right, something about this family that bothered me in a big way. However, I pushed those feelings aside, thinking I was just being over protective of my child. You have not let them grow up at some time, right?

This friend wasn't a bad kid , it just seemed my son's friendship with him/his family was doing something negative in my son's heart. My son's behavior changed. He was distant from us, his family. He didn't interact with his siblings the way he used to. He seemed a million miles away & was not himself at all. I felt like we were losing him. This friendship was affecting our whole family in a negative way.

During this time I stumbled upon this book "The Power of a Praying Parent" that had been packed away. I felt very compelled to read it , as I was feeling desperate about the situation with my son. I opened to the table of contents & skimmed through the chapter titles. I came upon Chapter 8, titled " Attracting Godly Friends & Role Models". I immediately turned to that chapter. I got to the second sentence of that chapter & I felt like I was reading about our situation. Here is what the author had to say about her children, " Occasionally they've made friends that, as a parent, I had reservations about. Not because I didn't like them; actually, in every instance, I liked them very much. What I didn't like was they type of influence they were on my child, and what the combination of that child and mine produced. The way I always handled this situation was to pray. I prayed for that child to be changed or else be taken out of my child's life. In every case that prayer was answered. In several instances, the passage of time revealed the accuracy of my apprehension. She goes on to say " Parents often have gut-level feelings about their children's friends. When that happens, ask God for Holy Spirit inspired discernment and pray accordingly."

So this is what I did. I prayed that the Lord would change this other child/his family or take them out of my child's life. I prayed for discernment about this gut-level feeling I had. Within a few days of that prayer.....God answered in a big way. Without going into alot of detail, let me just say, God provided a very clear path out of this friendship. There was no doubt in my mind that this was not a friendship God wanted for my child. So He gave us a gracious way out. It was only a few days after this decision was made, to end this friendship, that the accuracy of my apprehension was revealed!

Prayer is so important because we can't be the parents God wants us to be without His help. It is easy as parents to get confused about what to do and not what to do. There are so many outside forces pulling us in every direction & they are often well disguised as something good. Really you can't even go to the doctor's office without seeing piles of parenting magazines that claim to have all the answers. The majority go against what God says is good.

You can't go wrong by prayer!


Suzanne said...

Loved this book too!

Anonymous said...

You are so right! You can't go wrong with prayer. What a powerful tool we have and what a privilege to be able to go directly to the Father this way...

I am going to get this from our library. Just finished How to make your children mind without losing yours by Kevin Leman. Some really good things but a bit liberal for me I think. I ate the fish and spit out the bones. :)