Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Professional Photos at Home & Homemaker's Magazine

I'm not very good about keeping up with getting my children's pictures taken. I have friends that faithfully have their childrens' pictures taken professionally at ages 3 mo. , 6 mo., 9 mo., 12 mo., 18 mo, 2 yrs & then every year after on their birthdays . I know you can get some good deals at Walmart & such but we often don't have the extra money to get pictures taken. Not to mention I always get easily sucked into buying more than just the package deal.....& I regret it later. So what I decided to do this year instead of saying I'm going to get my kids pictures taken on their birthday (which I never end up doing) .......I'm just going to take them myself at home.

Over the weekend I started this project & got two beautiful pictures of my oldest daughters. I took my memory card to Walmart yesterday & had each photo enlarged to an 8x10....it only cost $5.00 total. I put them in black frames that I already had at home & they are now hanging on my living room wall. I worked on taking pictures of my boys over the weekend as well, but haven't gotten the perfect shot just yet. I'm going to work on taking more pictures of the boys today as well as my 2 yr old dd.

I'm following a few basic rules/suggestions, which really help to get a great photo.
1. I take the pictures outside
2. I use the wonderful summer scenery as the background. I'll have them sit on the grass or stand in front of a tree or flowers.
3. I use props from nature...a flower behind the ear or held in their hand. That's how my girls' pictures were taken. I had then place a black eyed susan behind their ear.
4. I take the pictures in the evening...a few hours before sunset. That time and early morning are the best times to take pictures because the lighting isn't as harsh. Overcast days are also supposed to be good. I found that the evening is nice because it gives the photo a nice soft & romantic look/feel.
5. I never have them face the sun nor do I have the sun behind them when I take the picture.

It's so easy to take a nice picture at home if you have a digital camera because you can take as many as you want and just erase what you don't like.

On another note my summer issue of Seasons at Home magazine arrived yesterday. I just love this magazine. It is such a motivation and inspiration to me, to learn more about & truly embrace homemaking.

There was an article about making a hope chest along with instructions & photos. I showed my husband who is a carpenter by trade & he too thought it would be a great Christmas gift to make our 3 daughters each one. We thought we could follow this basic design & add our own flair. My oldest son enjoys wood burning, so if he is willing he could burn some pretty designs into it. I can color the designs in with the special paint used for wood burning projects & then seal it with some polyurethane. I can't wait...I want to start right now!

This is really a nice magazine & I would recommend it to anyone.


Gluten free Kay said...

Thanks for the zucchini bread recipe! I hope to give it a test drive today.

About your post on medical tests: I've given up on doctors. I can't afford them anymore, especially when they are WRONG all the time. It took me a year to get over all the damage they inflicted.

I was so baffled and sick that I asked God for a sign. In the next 24 hours He sent me two unrelated, non-medical new acquaintances who both (without prompting) told me about celiac disease.

So I started the gf diet. I made a lot of mistakes at first. But I improved enough to see how some other foods impacted my health. I'm still figuring some things out. But improved health is my grand reward!

I have no medical celiac diagnosis, but little doubt that it is the reason for my health problems. Doubt tends to surface when I walk past my former favorite pizza shop and get a whiff of a Quattro Fromaggio baking in their oven.

Listen to your body. Hang in there!

Gluten free Kay said...

Here's an idea - plant (or designate an existing) tree for each child. Photograph each child by his/her own tree every year. You can watch how they both grow and change.

We never did this on purpose. But we laugh about the plantings at my mom's house in old photos. There is a snapshot of me by two little blue spruce trees that are now 65' tall. I was taller than the trees when the photo was taken.

New Mom said...

Seasons at Home... I've never seen this magazine but I definitely going to see if I can find it. You are so lucky to have a carpenter for a husband, if I did, he wouldn't be so lucky because he'd be busy making me stuff ALL THE TIME! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Carrie said...

i love your ideas regarding the pictures of your children!! That book looks really good too!! You are just a wealth of knowledge young lady!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

We've been talking about making a hope chest too. I think we're going to just put the stuff in a big plastic box for now though and make the actual chest when our daughter is a bit older. It's good to read about other people thinking about doing similar things. Have you thought much in detail about what you are going to put inside it? That's what I need to work on (although I've got plenty time as our daughter is only 15 months).

Susan. :o)

His Tender Mercies said...

Carrie ~ I'm just learning. Everthing seems to always be trial and error for me. I can never do anything right the first time LOL!

Gluten Free Kay ~ That's a good idea about planting their own tree. We've wanted to get more trees to plant in our pretty much treeless yard. So that's always a possibility.

New Mom ~ You know the saying about the shoemakers kids having no shoes. Well the same goes for the carpenter....he's so busy making things for everybody else because that's his job : ) Although he does do what he can & has made some nice things for us, that we couldn't have had if he wasn't a carpenter.

Saved Sinner ~ No, we haven't thought of what to put in it yet....we just want to get them built first LOL! I figure they can keep their favorite things in it for now. Their nice dolls , etc. I remember as a young girl always wanting a Hope Chest.

Anonymous said...

I am going to try your tips for photo taking. My photos rarely turn out the way I wish them to.

I have never heard of this magazine! Thanks so much for sharing it. I intend to start getting it. Please post pictures (lots of pictures :-) of the hope chest project. I am looking forward to that!

Have a blessed day!

prov31rj said...

What a smart idea about taking your own pictures of your kids. We just got a digital camera for the first time this year, and I think I will do this.

Last year I took dd to Wal Mart. They are cheap, but I honestly do not need a big package of pictures.

I have never heard of the magazine you are showing. I will look into it.