Thursday, August 28, 2008

What Translation of the Bible is the Right One?

Are you ever confused by what Bible translation you should be reading? Do you get discouraged when others say " only read KJV" but you are unfamiliar with the language of that time and reading it can sometimes be confusing.

I personally like to read several translations. I love the poetic beauty of the KJV but I like being able to read translations such as the NLT or NIV because it is written in a modern way of speaking.... that is easier for me to understand, without having to first untie my tongue : )

Below is a link to a great audio sermon. It is the 5th sermon in a 5 part series on the English translation of the Bible. I've only listened to the last so far. Please try to listen if you ever struggle with what Bible version you should read or if you are of the opinion "KJV Only"............may you be blessed.


prov31rj said...

My dh and I prefer the KJV and use only that. I think it is because we used to go to a church that was KJV only and that is what we were taught.

I do own an NIV and a Living Bible.

I have not found that I have trouble understanding the KVJ. The more I read it, the more I understand it. It is truly beautiful.

I am not sure if I can listen to the sermons at the links you gave or not. I am on dial up and can't really watch videos and sometimes can't listen to audio.

BTW, I don't make an issue of Bible versions with other people. It's just a preference for our family.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

You know what? I was encouraged...or was it intrigued (?) by the 'only' blogger (um...I am SURE you know who I mean) and bought a LARGE PRINT (I'm older!) KJV. LOVE THAT ONE, btw. However, I also LOVE the NIV my hubs bought me and fondly remember the Good News bible given upon my 'newly saved' status by a fabulous Titus 2 woman.

I am SO happy to see these relatively new 'grace' blogs here on the web!! Thanks for this post.