Friday, September 12, 2008

Finished Up Our First Week of School

Today marked the end of our first full week of formal homeschooling. Over all it went really really helps following the plan that I am. I've changed some of the curriculum I'm using, one being Math. A friend lent me a Bob Jones Algebra 1 book for my 9th grade son. I was going to use Saxon but she offered it and it was a blessing to not have to buy it. I was going to use Abeka math with my younger children but decided to go with Modern Curriculum Press. I thought Abeka's math was too advanced and above what my fourth grader is able to do right now. I already had the 4th grade teacher's manual for Modern Curriulum Press. We used their math curriculum several years back .....that was the year we used Christian Liberty Press's curriculum suggestions. So all I had to buy was the workbooks. I don't need a teacher's manual for 2nd grade.

I ordered Sequential Spelling for my 4th and 7th grader.......I did not like the looks of it at all, once I was able to hold it in my hands and really look at. I returned it and I'm going to order Building Spelling Skills by Christian Liberty Press. I really like the books they offer. They really seem to have a heart/ministry for providing afforable Christian curriculum.

It seems my posts are totally centered around homeschooling....I guess because that's been my life these past weeks........ getting ready for it and now starting it : )

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prov31rj said...

I am glad your first week is going well.

Let me know how the Modern Curriculum Press math goes. Math seems to be my major problem area.

I am also starting to think that from next year on, I will try to spend less money on curriculum. I like the prices that Christian Liberty Press offers and have used some of their items in the past.