Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How I Plan My Days

I've never been one to keep or follow a schedule, with blocks of time set aside for this or for that . I would say that I follow a basic routine or plan. My days are not all the same and I'm still trying to iron out a few details to make them work for us.

Three of my children are doing My Father's World unit study, so there are several subjects that they all must do together. So we do all of the same subjects at the same time, in order. If one of the kids finishes one of their subjects before the others are done, they take a break and wait until everyone is ready to go on to the next subject. So on most days this is the order in which we do things:

We've eaten breakfast, got dressed, and have done basic morning chores by roughly 9 am, sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later. Then we start school.
1. Bible
2. Lang. Arts
3. Math ( I give them an hour to do this. If they are close to being done after an hour I just go ahead and let them finish even though the hours is up. If they aren't close to being done, I will have them set it aside and they can do it when all other subjects are finished. I haven't had this happen yet...but that will be my plan of action when it does happen.
4. Spelling
5. English
6. Geography
7. Science
8. Music/Art
9. Reading .... they are required to do a half an hour.

Today , however, my daughter has ballet class at noon & we have Bible club in the makes for a hectic day. I dont like Wed...... my daughter agreed, even though she loves her ballet class, Wed. are a very busy and tiring day. So my plan for that day will have to change a little. This is what it will look like:

1. Bible
2. Geography (after the group geography lesson is done, they 15 minutes of book basket time. This is time looking through/reading library books that are geography related)
3. Science
4. Music/Art
These 4 subjects all get done first because my kids are doing the same thing. I don't want the others to have to fall behind in this area just because their sister has a ballet class. After those subjects are done they start working on the subjects that they can do on their own. If my daughter has time before ballet class to get them done, then she does, otherwise it's "homework", so to speak.

So that's it, my day, nothing fancy. As far as cleaning....I have a very basic routine plan for that, but I don't always follow it & just clean when I have a free moment.

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Nancy said...

sounds like you have a good way to do it all! I'm still working on it. My husband is always on afternoons at work so sometimes it is a bit complicated to fit everything in.