Monday, September 22, 2008

Learning About the Great Depression

Ever since we started watching " The Waltons" on DVD I have been very interested in learning more about the Great Depression Era. I remember watching and enjoying the show as a child but I didn't realize it was about life during The Depression.

I've found a few non fiction books at the library about the GD, one in particular, that is rather heart wrenching called "Children of the Great Depression" There are many pictures of the suffering children. It makes me realize how good we do have it now, even those that are considered poor. I would like to find some cook books as well ,so I can show my children how people ate during that time . Maybe will learn a thing or two : )

I'm so very thankful that we have many conveniences these days & I'm not saying I would like to go back in time. However, there is something fascinating to me about working hard for our basic needs , growing our own food & preserving it, making our own clothes, making do with what we have or doing without. It seems although in many ways the advancement of technology has helped us , it seems to have taken something from us as well. I can't say for sure what that is, maybe it's a satisfaction or contentment with the simple things, a greater connection to family & home and where we come from.......a strong sense of faith and trust in Our Lord?

I know " The Waltons" is just a Hollywood version of life during that time but it truly captures the essence of what's most important in life, even during the hard times. Call me sentimental but every time I watch the show, I'm always on the verge of tears : ) I've been so fascinated with the show that I'm going to start reading Earl Hamner's book Spencer's Mountain. His writings are about his life growing up in the Virginia mountains during the Great Depression & the show "The Waltons" is based on those writings.


prov31rj said...

I used to enjoy watching The Waltons when I was a kid. If I can catch it on TV, I still watch it.

You are right that they had a special way of life. Not perfect of course. They had a simple contentment.

Katie said...

I truly enjoy watching the Walton's. It's one of my favorite shows...and I don't have too many!I too tear up often when watching the episodes!! Don't they always just have a wonderful life lesson?It also intrigues me to study more about that era. Great post! (I found you by the way of Bren. I'm so glad I did!)