Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sick Day

The younger children and I took the day off of school. Last night I began to not feel well. I don't think it was anything I ate but more of some stressful things that occured yesterday. It had to do with our family problems (problems with my husband's family). There was an unpleasant situation that occured but in some sense a good opportunity to head in the direction of reconciliation. Any prayers offered up concerning this matter & me not feeling well would be appreciated greatly.

I guess I must hold my stress down in my gut or maybe just that being my weak spot , it is easily irritated. I spent alot of time last night just trying to relax, praying for the Lord's mercy , taking deep breaths, drinking some chamomile tea and lying on a heating pad.

I have some lemon balm in the garden, my daughter picked some for me this afternoon and I think I will make some tea with it. Lemon Balm is good for stressed intestions : ) I did just eat some scrambled eggs and toast & I'm starting to not feel to well.....I 'm going go.

Thank you for any prayers!


Berean Wife said...

Praying you get to feeling better and the source of the stress resolves in a manner that brings the Lord glory.

Berean Wife

Nancy said...

Bringing prayers to our Father in Heaven for you!

prov31rj said...

Just now reading this but praying that you continue to feel better and that your stress will go away.

Take good care of yourself. It sounds like you are. :)