Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tired Today

I'm so tired today and it's making our homeschooling day difficult! What do the rest of you do when your day isn't going as you would like? My daughter is struggling right now with some of her writing. I want to tell her to set it aside but it will put her behind, especially if we don't get right back on it, after a short break. Personally when I set things aside I tend to not go back to it. It's easy to forget when you have a busy household. I also don't want her to think that when she doesn't "get" or like something that it's okay to just give up or not do it, but it wears my patience thin to try to get her to think or understand or work harder, when she is so cleary frustrated or is determined to not try. However, looking at the big picture........ is this one little writing lesson going to make much of a difference ? Probably not........maybe I'm expecting to much out of her.

What do you do when you have days like this .....I have more of them then I care to talk about : )


Michele said...

We have days like this sometimes. Once we put off doing a book report for about 3 months! The funny thing was, when we got back to it my daughter just dive in and did it. I guess she just wasn't ready yet. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just try to keep track of where you leave off and pick up there tomorrow, the rest will do all of you good :0)

Many blessings to you!

Nancy said...

I have had days like that too. Not much you can do sometimes accept wait for a new day and try again. I have had a difficult week too. Not so much for school reasons but just trying to keep up with everything else too. I will explain to you yet through facebook why I changed my blog a bit. On facebook you can post photos so that only your friends can view them.
I wouldn't just dissapear without letting you know. Did you get my last comment yet?

Ace said...

Have PLENTY of days like this myself. Some days you just need to have a "mental health day" at least that is what we called it growing up. When nothing is working and I am frustrated and tired I say...that's it we are taking the rest of the day off. This doesn't happen often, but hey will the earth stop, no. Will I lay on my deathbed and say...ah, I should have done all the bathrooms this week. No, but taking the afternoon off and snuggling or running around outside is fun and makes fun memories and relaxes everyone. If it is important you can go back tomorrow with a fresh point of view.

As for homeschooling, I have seen a bunch of ladies use awesome ideas that I never would have thought for dealing with lessons that the kids don't do well with. I am sure someone ran into this before and has a solution.

And pray, Jesus knows just what to do :)

Many Blessings :)

prov31rj said...

In the past, I was a very relaxed homeschooler and I would just put it aside and not worry about it.

This year I am using more structured curriculum and it is good, but I find myself worried about "keeping up and not getting behind". I never worried about it before.

Is there any way you can move to a different concept and just come back and review this a bit here and there?

This is another reason I think I may return to year round schooling after this school year. No worries about being "behind". I tend to obsess about it, and don't need the stress.

I hope you have a better week and things get worked out.