Friday, October 31, 2008


We don't celebrate Halloween. We used to & stopped about 8 years ago. I had other Christians telling me I shouldn't do it & I use to be so easily persuaded by them. I wanted to "look" like a good Christian & do the right thing. I started researching for myself and reading things on the internet about it and decided I shouldn't be participating in it. I have to admit I think I nagged my husband so much about not celebrating it, that he caved in and agreed we wouldn't let the kids trick or treat anymore. I shouldn't have done that.

Now that some time has past I'm not so against the trick or treating part of it anymore. I even asked my husband this year if we should let the kids go trick or treating. My 7 year old seems to think he's missing out on something and has asked to go. Suprisingly my husband truly felt they weren't missing out on anything and didn't think they should. I left it at that.

Another thing, we live in a rural area,where it's not really conducive to trick or treating. People don't trick or treat out here. I'm not real big on taking candy from complete strangers either. My poor little 2 year old has been frightened by Halloween decorations/costumes in the store & it makes me feel so bad for her. When that happens I just get angry that we can't even go to the store without her having to exposed to that & then I start to hate everything about Halloween. I figure their are just more cons than pros to participating, that it just seems best for our family to not participate at all.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Party Preparations

My daughter will be turning the big 13 next week , so we will be having a party for her to celebrate . I'm excited for her because she has met several girls from church that she has become friends with & they are going to come to the party. We had some very difficult things happen with some so called friends last year but God has been so good to us by bringing other Christian friends into our lives & our children's lives. I feel like I've been able to put the events of last year completely behind us & have been able to start over. This party is a good start : )

So any way back to the party. We will have the following menu: pizza, a slush punch, chips & pretzels, veggies & dip, a cake or trifle , some chocolates & candy.

Games & activities will be : Some sort of craft...such as jewelry making, Apples to Apples, & Catch Phrase Jr.

We are going to JoAnne Fabrics today & see what fun craft idea we can come up with while we are there. Well I must be off to get my busy day started : ) Have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just a few thougts

Prepare, stock up on food & supplies, the end is near! This is all I've been reading in blogland lately! I have to admit I find it a little disheartening. I began to question why I'm not seeing something they all are. Why isn't the Lord urging me to stockpile? Am I just one of those delusional Christians? It seems to me that some of these Christian bloggers are acting as if they have some insight that the rest of us don't. As if they are above simple Chrtistian thinking.......walking by faith & trusting in God's sovereignty. Is God not in control anymore? Did He not say he would take care of our needs? These feeble attempts to prepare yourself for the end times seem so silly when you compare them to the greatness & power of almighty God! He is completely aware & in control of life's events.

"Not even a sparrow, worth only half a penny, can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid; you are more valuable to him than a whole flock of sparrows." Matt. 10 : 29-31

Friday, October 10, 2008

What's New In Our Life

We've been our usual busy here lately, with the normal daily stuff.....homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, etc. There has also been some really exciting stuff going on as well! I first need to give you a little background information, so you can have a better understand of why this is so exciting to us. My husband has worked as framer for 20 years, building new homes. Ever since we've been married he has had plenty of steady work....I rarely remember the home building industry being slow, even in the winter time. As many of you know the housing market has been BAD for 3-4 years now. Many people are trying to sell there homes but no one is buying, especially newly constructed homes. The home remodeling world hasn't been real steady either because people are being so cautious with their money , as well as just not being able to afford the luxary of remodeling, due to the high cost of gas & food. So that leaves my husband without a whole lot of work. These past years have been more difficult than normal for us, just as I'm sure it has been for many, but God has been gracious to us and has provided our needs & even some of our wants.

Every where you look there is talk of how bad things are economically and how bad things are going to get, that's why what I have to share is truly a miracle in our lives. The church we've been going to for almost the past 4 years, the church where my husband was led to the Lord, is finally able to build a church building. After reviewing several other bids & praying , the church building committee awarded the job of building the church to my husband! Glory to God for His loving care for us!

There will now be a visible sign of a church in our communtiy, now that the building is going up! May the Lord draw people into our church where the Gospel can be heard.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What Does Your Name Mean?

Today in our homeschooling we talked about the name Jesus meaning "the Lord saves" . We also decided to find out what our names mean. I knew what most of my childrens' names meant because I named them : ) So without sharing our names ( I like to be more anonymous on my blog) here are the meanings of all of our first & middle names.

My husband ~ first name ~ God is gracious~ middle name ~ God is gracious bald (the kids thought that was pretty funny)

Me ~ first name ~ wisdom ~ middle name ~ lily

ds ~first name ~ God is gracious - Who is like God ~ middle name ~ of Scottish origin

dd ~ first name ~ Who is like God ~ middle name ~ Curtis' territory or short nose

dd~ first name ~ Admirable & beautiful ~ middle name ~ meaning Hope

ds ~ first name ~ Bringer of Light ~ middle name ~ God has heard

dd ~ first name ~ Seen by Yahweh ~ middle name ~ trust believe

So what does your name mean?

Pizza Crust Recipe

Angela ..... I wanted you to know I got your comment & I emailed you the pizza crust recipe. I hope you got it : )