Friday, October 31, 2008


We don't celebrate Halloween. We used to & stopped about 8 years ago. I had other Christians telling me I shouldn't do it & I use to be so easily persuaded by them. I wanted to "look" like a good Christian & do the right thing. I started researching for myself and reading things on the internet about it and decided I shouldn't be participating in it. I have to admit I think I nagged my husband so much about not celebrating it, that he caved in and agreed we wouldn't let the kids trick or treat anymore. I shouldn't have done that.

Now that some time has past I'm not so against the trick or treating part of it anymore. I even asked my husband this year if we should let the kids go trick or treating. My 7 year old seems to think he's missing out on something and has asked to go. Suprisingly my husband truly felt they weren't missing out on anything and didn't think they should. I left it at that.

Another thing, we live in a rural area,where it's not really conducive to trick or treating. People don't trick or treat out here. I'm not real big on taking candy from complete strangers either. My poor little 2 year old has been frightened by Halloween decorations/costumes in the store & it makes me feel so bad for her. When that happens I just get angry that we can't even go to the store without her having to exposed to that & then I start to hate everything about Halloween. I figure their are just more cons than pros to participating, that it just seems best for our family to not participate at all.

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prov31rj said...

We only celebrate Halloween in a very low key way. We allow dd to dress up in a costume that we agree to. We are choosy about costumes. She is dressing as a princess again this year.

We no longer do trick or treating, but we get together with family memebers for a very small "party". Dd gets to wear her costume and has one other homeschooled cousin who is there in a costume also. They are the only two kids. We just get together and talk and eat snacks.

We also live in a rural area and do not get trick or treaters.

You remind me of myself when you say you nagged your dh about somethind and he gave in. :) I have done the same things. Lately I have tried to not do that because I came to see it wasn't right (for me).

I come to believe that God can convict my dh if need be. I had to quit trying to take over the Holy Spirit's job. I have enough jobs to do. LOL