Saturday, October 18, 2008

Party Preparations

My daughter will be turning the big 13 next week , so we will be having a party for her to celebrate . I'm excited for her because she has met several girls from church that she has become friends with & they are going to come to the party. We had some very difficult things happen with some so called friends last year but God has been so good to us by bringing other Christian friends into our lives & our children's lives. I feel like I've been able to put the events of last year completely behind us & have been able to start over. This party is a good start : )

So any way back to the party. We will have the following menu: pizza, a slush punch, chips & pretzels, veggies & dip, a cake or trifle , some chocolates & candy.

Games & activities will be : Some sort of craft...such as jewelry making, Apples to Apples, & Catch Phrase Jr.

We are going to JoAnne Fabrics today & see what fun craft idea we can come up with while we are there. Well I must be off to get my busy day started : ) Have a blessed weekend!


Nancy said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!
yes the Maxwell's are over in Ontario at our church.
One of the studies this afternoon is on a meek spirit. The other one is loving your husband.I wasn't able to attend the morning sessions today though I would have like to.
I will try to share more about it yet.

Rebecca said...

Oh fun! I would Love to go to JoAnn's and just look. Haven't got the time for a project but am just aching to make something. :)

Nancy said...

Lisa is my sister. I'm the oldest of 12. I have 4 brothers and and 7 sisters.
If you check facebook I have posted some pictures already of my brothers and sisters.
That is so neat that we look alike! Going to check your pictures out again!

Nancy said...

How did your daughter's birthday plans turn out?

prov31rj said...

Happy Birthday to your dd. :)

I am so glad that she and you both have some new friends.

I had an issue with a friend a while back that really hurt, and I am just now starting to get past it.