Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What Does Your Name Mean?

Today in our homeschooling we talked about the name Jesus meaning "the Lord saves" . We also decided to find out what our names mean. I knew what most of my childrens' names meant because I named them : ) So without sharing our names ( I like to be more anonymous on my blog) here are the meanings of all of our first & middle names.

My husband ~ first name ~ God is gracious~ middle name ~ God is gracious bald (the kids thought that was pretty funny)

Me ~ first name ~ wisdom ~ middle name ~ lily

ds ~first name ~ God is gracious - Who is like God ~ middle name ~ of Scottish origin

dd ~ first name ~ Who is like God ~ middle name ~ Curtis' territory or short nose

dd~ first name ~ Admirable & beautiful ~ middle name ~ meaning Hope

ds ~ first name ~ Bringer of Light ~ middle name ~ God has heard

dd ~ first name ~ Seen by Yahweh ~ middle name ~ trust believe

So what does your name mean?


Katie said...

What a neat post! :-) Mine means "pure" I believe. :-)

To answer your question about the "jars" I used for my traveling treat jar....I bought them at Wal-mart just a couple of days ago for $3.50 a piece!

And yes, they do NOT make shows like the Waltons anymore!! Another fave of mine is Leave it to Beaver. :-)

Have a good day!

Nancy said...

My name means grace:) And God has given me plenty of that.