Friday, October 10, 2008

What's New In Our Life

We've been our usual busy here lately, with the normal daily stuff.....homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, etc. There has also been some really exciting stuff going on as well! I first need to give you a little background information, so you can have a better understand of why this is so exciting to us. My husband has worked as framer for 20 years, building new homes. Ever since we've been married he has had plenty of steady work....I rarely remember the home building industry being slow, even in the winter time. As many of you know the housing market has been BAD for 3-4 years now. Many people are trying to sell there homes but no one is buying, especially newly constructed homes. The home remodeling world hasn't been real steady either because people are being so cautious with their money , as well as just not being able to afford the luxary of remodeling, due to the high cost of gas & food. So that leaves my husband without a whole lot of work. These past years have been more difficult than normal for us, just as I'm sure it has been for many, but God has been gracious to us and has provided our needs & even some of our wants.

Every where you look there is talk of how bad things are economically and how bad things are going to get, that's why what I have to share is truly a miracle in our lives. The church we've been going to for almost the past 4 years, the church where my husband was led to the Lord, is finally able to build a church building. After reviewing several other bids & praying , the church building committee awarded the job of building the church to my husband! Glory to God for His loving care for us!

There will now be a visible sign of a church in our communtiy, now that the building is going up! May the Lord draw people into our church where the Gospel can be heard.


Katie said...

Praise God! :-)

Robin said...

That is wonderful news about your church!

I saw your comment on Candy's site regarding stocking up when there is not enough money to do so, etc.

Please do not worry about such things. The same God that provides the birds with food and clothes the lilies in their splendor will provide RICHLY for His children. He will meet every need that we have. Just live your life in obedience to the Father through the Grace provided by His Son Jesus.

He will provide everything you need. Bless you!

Robin (from claim the mountain)

His Tender Mercies said...


I'm so glad to hear from you & I've been waiting to hear from you on your new blog : )

I know as Christian's we are to be anxious for nothing & to pray. Reading all of these Chrisitan blogs that are shouting PREPARE!, STOCK UP! puzzles me. Should we or shouldn't we prepare when we should be trusting in Christ. Surely it doesn't hurt to be prepared for hard times; however we haven't always been able to do that ourselves.
I have a dear Christian friend with many little children, her husband was layed off....he has found another job since but it doesn't pay much. They've had to go without having electricity so that her husband had money for gas to go to work. How can they possibly prepare when they have a such a difficult time as it is?

Nancy said...

That is great! Praise God!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Candy is nothing. I pray for her daily that she will get right with the Lord. Other then that, I am trying to step away from her all the way. same with CIAL.... As much as I like it there. I am just feeling like that I am no better then she is when I do post there. But with closing the blog, it is more of a time issue then anything else.

Jenn said...

I will pray for your friend who is struggling financially. We have experienced financial disaster ourselves, from 2006/thru Spring 2007, my husband made just enough to eat, and we lost EVERYTHING else even our home, after 15 months of that.

It's very hard, but even then we, God's children were not begging bread! That is perhaps why I am die hard on preparation in the good times.

This past year has been much easier, so I want to make that cushion for the what-ifs that inevitably come along in life. That does not take my Faith down a notch at all, I still know it ALL comes from Father. And when we are able to help a family in need, they know the same.

Jenn said...

Oh and I wanted to say that is amazing about your dh getting the bid. What a blessing!

I just got carried away responding to the comments..... ;-)