Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Great Article

Here's another great article that expands on my last post, it is written by my friend Rebecca:

Who am I really to throw cold water on these folks? I suppose if they want to go away from society and "separate" themselves in the name of being godly, let them go. It's their right and freedom to do so. I am sensitive to this whole thing for one reason. I've had cold water thrown on me. You see, I went through the Little House series twice and one phrase kept running through my mind "free and independent". I live on a farm so I thought, I sure would like to be free and independent. I would like to be "self sufficient". After all, who knows what the future holds, wouldn't it be nice to be able to rely on yourself? Well, I started to float away with the ideas. I checked out books on setting up a little "homestead" of our own. Started learning about chickens and how to take care of a cow and milk one and composting and gardens and different survival stuff. I kept it all to myself for a little while and then shared some of my thoughts with my very practical software engineer of a husband. I mention this because he is know Pa Ingalls. He is an engineer - very much a man of modern technology and there is no way on earth I'll be able to change that. He was not the one to throw cold water on my unrealistic dreams though. He patiently listened as I think he knew I would come back to reality on my own. As I read on all this neat stuff (before I ever read my first Christian Homesteading blog or preparedness blog or agrarian blog) I began to realize that we would go into debt just trying to become "self sufficient". It would cost a fortune! Then it started to hit me that there is really no way one can be self reliant if what they have belongs to the bank. If you study the Great Depression, people lost their homes if they didn't own them outright. The best thing to do in a Depression is to be out of debt. How could we do this if we had to take out bank loans to set up a homestead? I threw the cold water on myself. I splashed my face with it real good and woke from my dream of thinking I could somehow become totally independent of modern day ammenitites. I realized that in truth, separatism is not the way Jesus lived. He mingled and reached out to the most unlovely. I think of the City Missions and of missionaries who go into all sorts of impoverished places or for those who go into devastated areas both here and in other parts of the world. That is Jesus to me. Now, perhaps that is putting God in a box and perhaps He does call some to "separate" for the sake of godliness, but I personally don't understand that. But then again, I'll be the first to admit I do not understand the mind of God. For me though, separatism is arrogant and ungodly. How will you be a light to the world if you are off in never, never land living like the Amish? Never mind how you look! How silly you must look to the people of the world in strange looking clothes - they can't relate! There is absolutely no reason a person should have to cover their heads and wear long dresses in order to be modest. We live today - in this culture. You will make far more impact if you live in today and dress modestly using COMMON SENSE! I like dresses very much and I wear them a lot but not because they make me more godly. I happen to feel feminine in them. I would NEVER try to tell someone that I am being obedient by wearing dresses. My hair is long but not because it makes me holier than the lady I sit next to in church that has very short hair. Not at all! How pious I would seem if I ran around with the arrogant attitude that dresses and long hair made me somehow better or more in touch with God than they are. Ok - off on a rabbit trail here but it does all tie into this homestead silliness. These people make themselves spectacles with the idea that they are living the "simple and quiet life". WRONG! Rather, they make bold and prideful statements to the world that their way is better and that they are in obedience to God and everyone else is not. This just makes me mad! But I find that this being mad is cause for repentance. It is not for me to decide what God calls people to and what He doesn't. I guess I just feel that this further divides the Christian Community as a whole. It creates more factions and dissention. Pride is such a clever tool of satan to keep us from having a unified voice up to the Lord. Are we heading for a Great, Great Depression? I don't know. Maybe. Study the last one to get an idea of how we got through it. Unity was a big theme, I tell ya. People pulled together. Roosevelt created labor jobs that didn't pay much but kept the nation fed. True, there was far more agricultural land to support the people but we'll just have to figure ways around that. Victory Gardens...? Perhaps an economic disaster would be a blessing in disguise. Perhpas it would restore some of our traditional values in this country and draw us together to figure out ways to survive. We have too much here and it has caused a lot of havoc. I don't have all the answers but I do know this. I am not called to separate from the world and time in which God has placed me. Rather, I need to be modest in today's culture. I need to be wise in my spending and not go into further debt and seek ways of getting out of it. I need to support the efforts of those whose mission field is to the less fortunate and to those who HELP others by NOT separating themselves from the hurting. I love benevolance. The homesteaders talk of generosity. I guess I don't see it but what do I know? Nothing really. I just can't imagine being able to be very charitable while you spend ALL your time trying to become SELF SUFFICIENT! Self, self, self! Yuk! That is what I have to say about that.If a depression is what it takes to get us back to ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL then I say bring it on!May God have mercy on us and may His will be done.


Anonymous said...

Wow was I long winded? I see you have gone totally private now. Can I ask why? I mean, were you getting some harassing comments? I know you moderate them so I was wondering if you were having to go private so you wouldn't be having to deal with that. I hope that is not the case, but I've seen enough of it to know there are plenty of people who like to send some zingers to the comments of bloggers. Well, thanks for posting my rants. :P I really did rant too. LOL! Well, I think it's out of my system. I just have to stop reading these blogs about such things. It just upsets me. I am not quite ready to be the one to send the zingers to their comments I guess. I don't have time to debate really, just had a strong and bad feeling about this wind of doctrine floating around out there and needed to ventilate it. Thank you for listening and for giving my thoughts credence. I hope you have a good day!
Oh! And thanks for inviting me to your blog!


grace4me said...

I just went to check your blog and saw it went private. Iwas disappointed. Then I just saw an invitation to view it and I was so glad. :)

It's me, Prov31rj from Homeschool Blogger.

I created a Blogger account with the name grace4me.

I am so thankful to you for inviting me. Your posts are such a blessing.

motherofmany said...

If we use the same arguments, though, that we have to blend in to be relate-able, doesn't that eliminate homeschooling and not celebrating Halloween? If the gospel is foolishness to the Gentiles, we have to look foolish to some extent in order to live it. People have a hard time relating to those who chose to educate their own children and those who do not celebrate something as harmless as Halloween just as much as people who dress 'too' modestly and those who feel led to prepare. If you feel being separate in certain things is OK, why is someone who feels the same about something over which you are not convicted wrong?

His Tender Mercies said...

Mother of Many ~ I don't really think that was the premise of this article. I don't think she was saying these people are wrong ( nor do I feel that way) because they are convicted of something that she is not.

I believe it is the pride/arrogance of some of those Christians and the seperation it causes among believers she is referring to.

I know Christians that dress very modestly and they are so easy going and I see Christians that dress very modestly that condemn those that don't choose their way...they come across as arrogant,very unapproachable and even cult like.
I don't condemn those that choose something different then what I do....such as sending their kids to school or trick or treating. We all come from the same dust and there is no place for arrogance in any of our hearts.