Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You have to read this!

Below is an article that a fellow blogging friend wrote. I feel as she does and have tried in the past to get my thoughts out on my blog, but was never quite able. If I could this is exactly how I would have written it.

This was written by my blogging friend Rebecca:

Is our Father not able to care for us even in disaster? One last thing before I go on to my week or so of intense training. I have an opinion I wish to express. It's another one of my rants so bear with.
This "Homesteading" thing. Ok, it could go several ways. Perhaps it's God's way of mobilizing some to set up camp for the rest of us that will need refuge. That is hard to imagine though as there would be A LOT of those needing refuge. I wonder if they would willingly open their homesteads to droves of hungry, frightened people that didn't prepare as they, the homesteaders, did. In truth, the supplies of even the most prepared Christian will run out if they were to share. Or better yet, say you "prepare" yourselves to feed your family for X amount of time if disaster struck. What will you do if your neighbors find out you have and they don't. Are you going to bar your doors and refuse them assistance? Would your little pantry feed your neighborhood? Would Jesus have you to lock your doors, turn out your lights and hunker down with your food source while the people you live around starve? Hmmmm.... Might He have to multiply the loaves and the fishes? Would you trust Him to do that? If you would, honestly would, then can you trust Him to provide even in the most dire of circumstances? I tell you, your pantries, gardens and homesteads will be no safer than any other place if you are even allowed to stay there and your food/water supply will not last indefinately and you sure as shootin' don't want anybody to find out what you have or they'll be on your door step looking for help How would you like that "Prepared Christian"? This is the truth: YOU CAN'T PREPARE for castrophe. You CANNOT rely on yourselves for survival. You know where you'll be heading? Wherever the gov't has you to go, that's where. You'll end up sleeping on a cot with an issued blanket eating whatever is rationed to you, that's what! And you'll be thankful that you are dry and warm and have something to eat and you can know that your Heavenly Father is caring for you - meeting your needs and somehow being glorified in the midst of it all. To the homesteaders: I am so glad that not everyone is like you. I am so glad that there are City Missions that rescue the unfortunate as I may be one someday. I would be grateful for the scenario I described above in the event of "total economic disaster". I will not kid myself into thinking that I can hunker down where I live and not be found here and that I can somehow survive on tree bark and rain water. You have moved away from the cities to homestead and that may be where God has you but don't try to make everyone else feel that they are less faithful to God because they don't go play little house on the prairie. There are people who see the suffering in the cities and stay here to help them! There are people who feel they are called to missionary work both here and abroad and thank goodness for relief workers who go to these war torn countries and to places that are hit with natural disasters. Thank goodness they did not shut themselves up in their own little cozy hovels and say well at least it didn't affect me!
Ok, my blood pressure is a bit up right now.... I need to calm down as I am not doing those things I just mentioned but I am thankful and SUPPORT those who do because that could be me and my family some day. Those who are offering assistance to those who are "deserving" (tornado victims) and "non-deserving" (thieves and drug addicts) alike are being the hands and feet of Jesus. They depend of Him to provide what they need to operate just as we all will if we come to the place where what we now know and find our false security in ceases to exist. I am sick of reading about off the grid and all the silly survival tactics people are out there playing with. Maybe they take it very seriously but I wonder how serious they will take it if they or one of their loved ones comes down with something awful and they have to move back to the city near a hospital where they will have to look a little silly wearing their prairie clothes while their loved ones take advantage of the system that God has allowed us to use for the time complete with running water, electricity and high tech medical care! Thank God for those people who haven't run off to a homestead to figure out a way off the grid. Instead, they devoted their lives to practicing medicine to help heal people taking full advantage of education and opportunity - the same opportunity that homesteaders have come to despise.
Support your local missions to the homeless and down trodden. Support relief efforts for those who go to the places that are devastated. Pray for them and thank God that these faithful people exist and are His hands and feet whether they realize it or not. Thank God that He cares for the afflicted through such efforts and know that if our time comes to need such help He will have selected people to do such works!


Ace said...


Interesting point of view. I have felt a bit of this myself lately. It is not that I don't want to prepare, nor that I don't think we should have all some type of preparations just as common sense type of thing (also, part of what I consider preparing is to study scripture and watch) but I have begun to see a type of "holier than thou" type of attitude develop in some people that is troubling. I cannot leave this city, The General works here and we have to be close. I do not have acres of land nor a retreat. Does God love me and my family any less? The General is NOT a farmer and doesn't want to be. He is the man that the farmers call when they need help with bad guys. Am I serving God any less as a helpmeet to My General? NO. I am not called to decide on his vocation, I am called to support it and him and would in fact be disobeying God by trying to change that.

I also don't see anywhere in scripture that we have to wear only dresses, though I do see we are called to be feminine and to wear not what men wear. That leaves a lot of room. The General would run screaming if I wore a jumper or dressed like little house. Or any "type" of dress. We are called to be modest and to reflect God. For some women that is a dress, for some a modest pants outfit (hey, Jesus wore skirts and so did the women of his day, yet there was an obvious difference between the men's dress and the women's dress).I also don't see anywhere that a specific hair length makes you holy. I DO see that we are warned not to add to scripture!

So, while I enjoy learning about survival and wish I had a farm for many reasons (like fresh food in any type of situation) I am serving in MY mission field right here. Where I to desert my post to do anything, I would be disobeying God. Now, could disaster strike and I be out of luck? Yes, but I will never be without God and it is up God to protect me and He already has offered PERMANENT protect with my salvation.

So I loved this post and thanks for posting it. Can I link to it or have you already gone private? I wrote my answer to you as much as for myself as anything else. You know I have been struggling with this. Thanks for helping me out.

Many Blessings :)

Anonymous said...

God bless you His Tender Mercies and Ace. Perhaps we can be a small voice out there that brings some reality back to all the confusion.

His Tender Mercies said...

Ace ~ I totally agree with the "holier than thou" attitude that you say you are seeing. I see it as well and I think that was Rebecca's whole point, at least that's what I got out of it and what I have been noticing out there in blogland.

Sure you can link it. I'm not private yet. I'll ask her if it's all right to copy and paste this & then you can just put it on your blog, if you like, so you'll have it when I do go private.

Ace said...

Thanks. Whew, lots of spelling mistakes. That is what happens when I have been up on less than four hours of sleep for more than a week straight.

Ah, gotta love spell check.

Many Blessings :)

grace4me said...

Thank you for posting all these things. I agree with you.

There is lots of "godly works" mentality out there in internet-land. I am glad to be free of the bondage of thinking that if I want God to approve of me I have to "Fill in the Blank".