Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Traditions

This picture was taken last Christmas morning. My then 1 year old daughter was blowing out the Christ candle to our advent/nativity set. Read below to find out more about our Christmas tradition.
I'm thankful Friday has arrived! It has been a long and busy week. My youngest daughter and oldest son have picked up an intestinal bug of some sort from my brother's family, who stayed with us the week of Thanksgiving. My poor brother started having diarrhea the day he arrived to our home from out of state . His boys had it for the few days before they left to come here.

It's been a week and my 2 year old dd has had it the entire son has had it for a few days. DD wakes up in the middle of the night with a tummy ache and diarrhea. She's acting okay the rest of the day but it is sad to see her complain of her tummy hurting.

Wednesday I took my 7 year old son to an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist to check his heart murmur. The good news is everything is's a normal heart murmur. The not so good news is that he had several high blood pressure readings during the visit. The doctor had an echo cardiogram performed because his blood pressure was high. That checked out fine. He ordered a blood test to check his kidneys and a urinalysis.....those checked out fine as well. I have to take him back next month to check his blood pressure again. The nurse said he could just have what they call "white coat" hypertension. The visit with the doctor makes him so nervous that his blood pressure goes up. I'm guessing that's all it is.

Since there are so many negative opinions out there about the "wrong" Christmas traditions that Christian's celebrate, I thought I would share with you what "wrong" traditions we celebrate LOL!
This weekend we are hoping to go and cut down our Christmas tree. We have a horse drawn wagon pull us back to the field of our choice (depending on what type of tree we want) We are given a hand saw to cut down the tree we choose. The wagon picks us back up , bringing our tree along. They wrap it up nicely for us and then we are ready to go.......not before we stop into the heated barn to pay for our tree , enjoy roasting marshmallows for smores, roast hot dogs in the fire place and enjoy hot cocoa, which are all free! It's alot of fun and a cherised family tradition.

We finally started our advent readings last night, only 4 days late...we caught up though . My kids love our advent tradition. We started celebrating advent about 6 years ago. We read a book trilogy written by Arnold Ytreeide. We started with Jotham's Journey the first year, the second year Tabitha's Travel and the third year Batholomew's Passage. We started over again back to Jotham's Journey and are now doing Bartholomew's Passage again.

Each Sunday of advent we light a new candle to our advent/nativity set . The first candle (purple) represents reminds us that God's people hoped for a Saviour (Isaiah 9: 2 & 6). The second candle (purple) represents Peace. It reminds us that Jesus came to bring us peace. (Micah) 4:3-4

The third candle (pink) represents reminds us of the joy Jesus brings us. (Luke 2:8-11)

The 4th candle(purple) represents reminds us that God sent Jesus because He loves us. (1 John 4: 7-9)

The last candle(white) we light on Christmas morning. Each Christmas morning before we open gifts, we light that white candle which represents Christ. We are reminded that He is the light of the world. (Luke 2:1-20) We read our last chapter of our advent book and are reminded of what the day is really about. It's really a blessing!

These books are all fictions books that are historically accurate to the time of Jesus's birth. Each book is based on the same thing ,the events that lead up to the birth of Jesus. It is told from 3 different perspectives (characters) They are very action packed /real to life of that time and they keep the kids hanging and excited to listen to the next night's chapter. Following each chapter is a short devotion. I think they are awesome books and would recommend them .

Each new week of advent (Sunday) I let the kids choose a special snack to eat after we read the chapter for that day. We have some Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes for this week. So what are your traditions?


Rebecca said...

I love your traditions! I love the reading of books and your advent/nativity set. How neat! I wish I could report some traditions of our own but I can't. Right now, they are mostly geared toward pleasing my mother in law. She has a lot of expectations at Christmas and hasn't figured out yet that it's time for us to do that. She had her turn, now it's ours. I wish I could say I was even looking forward to Christmas this year, but I can't in honesty. I suppose it's mostly due to how I am feeling at the moment but I got real upset with MIL last night and that has put a bit of a damper on my mood. Hopefully I will stand up a little and let her know that we need to have some freedom to develop some traditions of our own now as a family. I really think what you guys do at Christmas is sweet. Thanks for sharing the darling picture of your daughter and the nativity/advent. :)

Nancy said...

Cute picture! Don't have time to read now , but I will be back!
Thanks for you encouraging words!

I was wondering did you want me to add you as a team member on Seeking Him, or did you just want to leave comments? It's up to you, but I will need your blogger email address to add you.
I would love to have you as a team member! :)

In this little house... said...

I know you are busy and now is probably not a good time, but I'll put my request in anyway. :) Could you, if the spirit moves you and you feel so inclined, post pics of your house decorated for Christmas? I am having trouble over here not viewing our Christmas as CLUTTER! It's getting on my nerves actually. How far do you take it? Are you guys all out of minimalists? I tend toward simplicity but even what I do have feels like it's caving in on me. Maybe its because of where I am at right now...? ;) Anyway, just wondered how much you guys do and what the kids enjoy, etc... I am planning to post some pics of our place to share as well. I wish I liked it this year. I think it's just my frame of mind. Perhaps seeing someone else's will put me in a better frame. But for now, it just feels cluttery.

His Tender Mercies said...

I bet it's just your fram of mind right now : ) How are you feeling? It seems pregnancy really makes you prioritize LOL! I remember the year I was pregnant with my last child.....I told my husband when it came to christmas shopping for the kids...."if I can't find it at Walmart, I'm not getting it." That's exactly what I did...started and finished our shopping in two hours.

It'f funny you asked about decorating because that was exactly what I was planning on doing......posting pictures. I don't think I overdecorate....pretty but simple.

In this little house... said...

Not great, but certainly better than I could be. Prioritizing, yes. But only with God's help. Just yesterday I went to Him in prayer about that and just asked Him to help me to do the next thing...right. :)
I LOVED what you said about Walmart and Christmas shopping. You know, that is a great idea. I think I may do the very same thing this year.
I have not been up to taking pics and posting them. Haven't been up to posting at all really. I'll get back one of these days.