Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still Here

I'm still here....just haven't been reading many blogs lately . It seems it takes more time to write here then I have time for. Besides I really wonder if people want to read about my everyday's not all that interesting or I don't no how to write in a way that makes it's sound interesting : )
This month has been a little busy with birthdays in our house. My oldest child turned 15 at the beginning of the month and my 2 year old turned 3 last week. This week my 7 year old will be turning 8. Goodness they are growing up so fast! Besides all that we've just been trying to keep warm as it feels like Alaska here with many days of below zero temperatures. We heat are home with a wood burning has been a blessing because it has been free but the furnace has had a hard time keeping up with these frigid temps. The temp. in the house got as low as 53 and is at 59 at the present moment. It's okay though because we dress warm and that keeps us comfortable.

I'll write more when I can : )

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Working Out Is For The Birds!

I decided it was time to get serious about exercising. I'll admit I am out of shape! I do get some exercise in the summer by walking mostly and riding my bike sometimes, but come winter time I do nothing. Well, I was at Walmart last week and saw an exercise ball that included an exercise DVD for $13.....I was very encouraged. This morning I decided to try it out. I wouldn't say it was difficult; however, I did stick to the basics exercises for beginners. The most difficult thing about it was staying balanced on the ball. I did fairly well , finishing the entirety of the workout, but then........................I began to feel nauseous. Who feels nauseous after exercising? Only me of course : ) So I decided to look up info about it on the web. Well there are a few simple explanations to why I might have felt sick to my stomach.

1. Exercising on a completely empty stomach
2. Being dehydrated
3. Eating sweets just before exercising
4. Exercising right after eating

I did not eat breakfast....that's probably the culprit.....I hope. I rested , waiting for my stomach to settled a little and I decided I would just have to eat to make my tummy feel better. Well it feels most of the way better but I'm still feeling a little icky! Boy is this discouraging......if there aren't enough distractions and obstacles to overcome when it comes to starting an exercise routine....nausea has to be one of them!?!?

I have a little more time to rest because the kiddos are helping their dad stack some firewood before we start our homeschooling for the day. I should have just helped stack firewood, hey it's exercise, and I probably wouldn't have gotten nauseous doing it : ) Well I'm off to sip on some ginger ale and hopefully have a better day.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Story Behind It

In my last post I wrote about how I thought God wants us to have 6 children. Well , I thought I would share the story behind why I think that. About 6 or 7 years ago my husband and I were shopping for a vehicle. We knew what features we were looking for in it. I wanted something that was 8 passenger because that's what our previous van was and I knew that we could fit 2 more children (we had 4 at the time) in an 8 passenger. We were also hoping to find something that was 4 wheel drive because of all the snow we get here in the North. Rear air and heat was something we hoped for as well because our previous van didn't have it and my chidlren would be really hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

We started our was a bit discouraging. Anything that had 4 wheel drive was more of sports untility vehicle that was just to small (like a Durango) or too expensive (like a Suburban). I prayed and prayed that the Lord would guide us in this decision and give us the vehicle He wanted us to have. We visited several car dealerships, most of them were fine but one we didn't care for at all ....they just seemed like sneeky used car salesmen & were being extremely pushy. We decided to take a little break from our search.

About a month later we got a phone call from one of the dealerships that we visited....not the pushy one : ) They told us they just got a vehicle in that seemed like something we might be interested in. So we went to look at it. My first impression of the van, only the outside of it was, that it was in very good shape but wouldn't have been something I would have was a boxy shaped mini van. I never liked the look of those kind of vans; however, when I looked in side the van I noticed how nice and roomy it was, more so then our previous van & it was an
8 passenger ! It had the rear air/heat like I had hoped for & it was 4 wheel drive! It was a very nice van, even though at first glance it wasn't something I would have chosen on my own. I got out of the van and started walking around it, getting a better look at it from all sides. When I got to the rear of the van, right on the back was a little metal fish sign ( the sign of Jesus). You can't imagine how excited that made me! I just knew that this was from God.

There was one obstacle to get over....the was more then we could spend. I was confident though that they would go down on the price, because this van was hand picked by God,for us. I had no doubts. They dropped the price more then $3000 and we walked out the door that day with the keys to our new van.

I prayed for His will regarding the vehicle. He knew what we hoped/wanted in a being the hope to have a van that would fit 2 more children. So this is why I can't help but think that He has a place for 1 more child in our lives and our van : )