Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still Here

I'm still here....just haven't been reading many blogs lately . It seems it takes more time to write here then I have time for. Besides I really wonder if people want to read about my everyday's not all that interesting or I don't no how to write in a way that makes it's sound interesting : )
This month has been a little busy with birthdays in our house. My oldest child turned 15 at the beginning of the month and my 2 year old turned 3 last week. This week my 7 year old will be turning 8. Goodness they are growing up so fast! Besides all that we've just been trying to keep warm as it feels like Alaska here with many days of below zero temperatures. We heat are home with a wood burning has been a blessing because it has been free but the furnace has had a hard time keeping up with these frigid temps. The temp. in the house got as low as 53 and is at 59 at the present moment. It's okay though because we dress warm and that keeps us comfortable.

I'll write more when I can : )


Mrs Amy said...

Glad you are doing ok, I check in often to see what you have been up to. You are right they grow up way to fast!!!
Take care my friend

Love Amy

Anonymous said...

Also glad to hear you are doing ok. I too check in once in a while but like you, I have really slowed down on blogs and have little to no desire to blog myself. I am starting to feel better now so I am using that energy with the kids. So, I only read the very few ones I like - like yours. :)

Hang in there, Spring can't be too far down the pass. I heard the first two weeks of Feb would be rough but it should start to improve from there. Hope that is true. :)

Take care,


Nancy said...

Well I like reading about your life! I have been the same way though, not much time to read a lot on blogs.