Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Freedom to Have Children

Dateline had the interview with the the mother that gave birth to 8 babies.. I have to say that interview was upsetting to me. Let me explain why.

I don't agree with children being born outside of marriage because I don't believe that's God's revealed will for us. Having said that though, let me tell you, my parents were NEVER married and had both my brother and I. They received public assistance and our life was not the easiest. I would even go as far to say that my mother did not show me half the love that this mother of 14 seems to give her children. My mother drank heavily and did not take care of us. I'm glad though that I was given the right to be conceived & born, even if I wasn't planned or was conceived out of selfish motivations. I'm glad no one told her I didn't have the right to be born because she made poor/wrong choices or because she couldn't give me the perfect life easy life. Many would say that I shouldn't have been conceived or even born because my parents life situation wasn't optimal . Could you imagine if we all waited to have children or only had children when things were just so.......I don't think anyone would have any children : )

I have 5 children . The first two were conceived and born when we had no medical insurance. God provided by allowing us to make enough money to pay the hospital bills ourselves.When we had our 3rd child God provide medical insurance. When we had our 4th & 5th we had medical insurance we couldn't use because we had a homebirths(our insurance didn't cover it) but God provided a way for them to be born at home & provided the money to pay the midwife. So all these years He has provided for their needs. He did not provide for us through public assistance to take care of them but things have changed for us these past few years. We now have assistance with medical insurance for our children....I believe this is how God has chosen to provide for us.

The economy went into a slump, my husband's work slowed down....we lost our insurance and there was not enough money coming in to pay for it. Should we not have had 5 children because there might have been a possibility we couldn't afford to take care of them in the future? Should I no longer have children because I might not be able to afford them in the future? Anyone of us could be in the same situation as this mother.....especially considering the rate people are losing their jobs.

Science may have advanced and man now has the wisdom to help women to have children that otherwise would not have been able but that would not be if it were not God doing it. He is Sovereign and in control. I think this woman's story is a perfect example of that. Often IVF doesn't even work for those that try it and the chances of all 6 embryos implanting and thriving are pretty rare (which God is in control of as well) . This woman had 6 embryos implanted and gave birth to 8! Now that is God!

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Nancy said...

I agree with what you said here! I haven't seen much about this lady who had the 8 babies, but I heard about it a little.