Monday, February 2, 2009

Possible Changes Ahead

My husband and I have been discussing the possibility of me getting a part time job. We really want to work on getting some debt cleaned up that we have accumulated since my husband's work slowed way down about 4 years ago. He has work now and we have income but the interest on those credits cards is a killer! Of course any job I get would have to have the optimal husband is particular : ) He doesn't want me to work in the evenings because he won't get to see me and he doesn't like me driving in the dark, especially if the weather is bad. So it would have to be a job that was a few days a week, not an 8 hour day either. My oldest who is 15 could sit with the younger kids while I'm gone.

I'm just continuing to pray about it. I don't know if my contribution would even put a dent into our debt but I guess it's a start. I hate debt and I do feel we are a slave to it but what's done is done. I'm just praying to find our way out of it. At this point it seems so overwhelming, especially when the economy is getting worse by the many are losing their collar and white collar alike. My husband is self employed and in a line of work that has been hit the hardest. The future , as least financially , seems so uncertain to me. I try not to think about it too much. It's hard to imagine ever losing our lovely country home. It's not the home so much (although I do like it)....its the land and the room we have to roam. So sad to think about :( However, I trust God will give us the grace we need if that day ever comes.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I sure do undestand. Times are rough these days for a lot of folks. My husband is hanging onto his job by a thread. We live with the threat that his co. will shut down at any time. It is stressful. My husband would be picky too about me getting a part time job. He would want to make sure it didn't interfere with his getting to see me or the kids being cared for. That doesn't leave much time does it? It is good though that your oldest can help with the responsibilities and keeping an eye on the little ones. That does give you some peace of mind I am sure. I will be praying for you and with you about this. I know this must put some stress on you. I will pray for the right postion to be there for you should you decide to go the part-time job route. God can provide just the right thing and the right environment. You know, before I married my husband, I taught preschool at a Foursquare church. It was small and the pay was too but it took care of me somehow. There were a lot of ladies there who were moms and took their little ones with them. Sometimes they just did a part day or subbed and then came and got their kids and went home. One lady worked in the kitchen preparing simple meals, one did music, others were part-time teachers... It was almost like a family there and I felt like it was home to me. I loved being there. There was a sweet presence of the Lord there and the ladies became good friends. It is one of the sweetest memories I have of working. Though a nurse by profession, I quit that a year out of school and passing boards and always taught preschool instead as a way of staying out of the world. The world intimidated me so much and I loved children. I felt like that was what the Lord had for me all along and that is where my gifts were. If I had to go back to work, I might look for something similiar to that again. That way, my kids could be with me in a sense. I don't know what your gifts are or what your past experience is. I am just sharing mine. Are there any Christian schools in your area that you could look into? You are already a teacher so teaching would come naturally to you. I know a lot of schools have teachers assistants to help in busy classrooms and para professionals to help children who are struggling with something to get caught up. Just thoughts... Anyway, good luck and may God be with you in this decision and possible journey. I will keep you in prayer about it.
Take care,

His Tender Mercies said...

Thankyou Rebecca for all of your encouragement! Your so sweet : )

My husband would prefer I not work at all....he's not pushing it but he does feel that if just the right thing came along that would be good. So if something came along that my husband agreed with I would know it was of the Lord, because he has so many restrictions LOL!

I'm not really actively looking, just praying and waiting at this point. The church daycare sounds like a good idea....hadn't thought about that before. I considered babysitting in my home but I'm just not sure about that. There was a library position available....I would love that but they really need someone that could be flexable with the hours...I can't do that.
So I guess if I don't find just the right job, one that my husband totally approves of, then it's just not God's plan for me to work outside of the home.

Ace said...

Hello! I sure feel for you, debt sure is a slave master and your husband having a job that is up and down (I used to be a writer so it was always feast or famine :) is very hard.

Is there perhapse other alternatives? Could you and your kids do a home business or is there a way to liquidate other assets? If I had a teenager I could run several busineses. I know, I HAVE run several businesses and so did my family when I was growing up.

Hmm, maybe I will do a post on this....

Let us know what happens. I just want to say that often what happens when the Mother goes to work is that it COST more than is brought in. Not just emotionally, but in eating out or packaged food, clothing, makeup, lunches out, extra transportation expense...etc. Everything, including taxes, can really eat up your paycheck, especially if you are not making a huge paycheck. It might be more pray, economize and look for several alternative forms of income.

This was to encourage you. God has the answer for you and He will help you. Let us know what happens and maybe some posts on how you come to your decision would be fun. Others are in the same boat.

Many Blessings :)

His Tender Mercies said...

Thanks Ace ....I know you are trying to encourage : )

I've thought about doing something from home and am praying that way as well but I have NO IDEA what to do. I thought about babysitting but for some reason I just don't like the thought of watching a child or 2 here in my's enough to keep up with my own : ) Maybe it wouldn't be as bad as I think it would.

I would like to read a post on the home businesses you helped your family with growing up. Maybe this can give me some ideas.

prov31rj said...

I pray that if it is the Lord's will, the right opportunity will come along.

It can be a challenge to try to survive and pay debt at any time. And now, it seems every time you hear the news it is scary and we begin to worry.

We used our income tax refund to pay off some of our debt. We still have some, but that did help.

I had considered training to be Certified Nursing Assistant, but that is not happening. Perhaps I will revisit that idea in the future. God seemed to have me put it on hold for now.

You are wise to wait on the Lord.

Suzanne said...

Haven't commented in awhile but wanted to let you know I understand! I too, have been looking for a part time job that is just right:-) I have my etsy shop but that is not steady. All in God's hands right.

And I also wanted you to know, I support a recent comment you made, without divulging the particulars. Not vile in the least, what is vile is the judgementalism in the post.

His Tender Mercies said...

Thanks for the support Suzanne.