Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Homemaking is Good

So many of my days feel so hectic and overwhelming with bickering children and emotional teens. Yesterday seemed to be heading down that familiar path . I could feel the stress and tension building in my body. I began to get so discouraged feeling like nothing I'm doing as a mom/wife is making a difference. Until I decided to get motivated (the Lord prompted me I believe) and get some things done. After I did some homeschooling with the kids I went straight to my bedroom and started to fold and put away a mountain of laundry that was overflowing out of the laudry basket spilling onto the floor. Next I took a few things out of the closet that I know longer needed, so that I could make it a little more organized and actually be able to shut the door : ) Then I picked up all the clutter on the floor,straightened my books on the floor next to my bed, made my bed & fluffed my pillows.

Then I went into our master bath, quickly went through my cabinets throwing away stuff that was not needed and organized it a little better. Then I wiped dwon the counter and sinks....threw all the trash away . Then I swept the floor. It really didn't take long to get these things done but it made a world of difference not only in appearance but in my heart as well.

Then I ran a nice warm bath for my marker covered 3 year old and cleaned her all up. Wrapped her up in her towel, baby powdered her up, and got her dressed in her fresh clean clothes. Then I started dinner...homemade mac n chesse and sweet peas.

To you it might sound like just an ordinary day as a SAHM mom but it was encouragement to me. There is something satisfying & peaceful about a clean bedroom. Even my husband comments on how he loves to climb under the covers after I have made the bed. I don't usually make my bed but I think I'm going to start. There is also something satisfying about a freshly bathed little child...their clean sweet smiley faces and freshly shampooed hair. These are the things that life is made of ....the ordinary days that might not seem all that special but mean more then we will ever know. I say that because I personally didn't have a mother that took care of me or our home. I never remember her doing ordinary things for giving me a bath or reading me a story. So truly what a blessing it is for me to do these things for my family and for them to receive it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Redecorating Project

It's been a long time coming but we are finally making a little progress on our master bathroom. Last March my husband ripped out the old shower and put a bigger newer one in. It wasn't brand new but nice and FREE. So after replacing it he had to build a wall on the one side of the shower and hung some drywall. He taped and mudded it. Well over the weekend we primed the walls. The drywall is going to need some touching up since it sat for so long without any paint to seal it up. So hopefully soon I will be able to do the "finish" painting after all the prep work is done.

We are doing this on a tight budget. So far I spent around $29 for the primer and the rollers to paint with. I found some vinyl tiles for the floor that will cost about $65....maybe a little more, we haven't purchased them yet though. We have to replace the flooring because when we tore out the old shower, it left a bare spot where there was no flooring, not to mention the flooring had come up in several spots and water got underneath because of the old shower. The water getting under the linoleum caused some mold to grow.

I do have a few other decorating ideas floating around in my head but first things first. I plan to post before and after pictures...hopefully it doesn't take too long : )