Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We've just increased our family by 15!!

Okay, not really, but we did buy 15 chicks over the weekend. Aren't they cute. We just have to get busy converting our garden shed into a chicken coop.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Few Funnies

My 10 year old daughter is playing on a community baseball team for the first time ever. I have to admit I don't think I was thinking clearly when I signed her up. She did want to play but I think I should have put her on an all girls team. She is 1 of 2 girls on the team...the rest are boys. The only other girl is her friend. We asked to have them on the same team...I'm so glad we did : ) I know none of this is funny but I am getting to the point : ) During the first practice the boys were being hard on the girls and you could see the frustration on their cute little faces. Let me tell you though God didn't make us girls wimpy....we can be pretty tough if we have to be! LOL! If you could only see the girls now. By yesterday's practice the girls were really doing great. Two of the boys that were playing catch with my daughter asked her to stop throwing the ball so hard because it hurt . Then my daughter was playing 3rd base and two plays in a row got the runners out. That's my girl! The boys made a comment to the two boys that she got out " You got out by a giirrrl!"

I sure hope I'm not creating a feminist out of my daughter : ) LOL!

The second funny was last night. The weather has been beautiful here. We had the windows open letting the warm air in. The Spring Peepers are out and were especially loud last night. My 3 year old daughter looked a little bewildered by the noise coming from outside and was asking to shut the window. I told her that noise was all the spring peepers peeping. She said " Well I want them to stop peeping!" So funny! You gotta love girls!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So Many Projects So Little Time

I love the spring but I tend to have so many project ideas/plans and very little time to start them. Things keep coming up that I can't get things started. I bought the paint and nicnacs for my master bath project but we got busy with sickness , testing, and baseball practice for 3 of my children, that I haven't even started it.

To make our country living a little more country : ) .....we are getting some chicks (laying chicks). We have a garden shed that we hardly use that we will be turning into a chicken coop when the chicks are big enough to be in it. We need to plan for our veggie garden as well. I would love to grow enough to preserve shelves of canned veggies. I really think planning is the key to having a successful garden and I'm slowly learning how to do that. Plant what you know you will eat and have a plan on how to use what you will grow.
Last year I thought of veggies that I wanted to learn to can /preserve and planted the things I would need to do that. I planted pickling cucumbers and dill to make my kosher dill pickles....they turned out wonderfully...although I will use less salt next time : ) I also made a sweet pickle relish out of all of those cucumbers. I wanted to plant jalapeno peppers to make jalapeno poppers to freeze....those cheesy filled appetizers that you can buy at restaurants. Well I couldn't find them so I bought another type of pepper that I was told was similar to jalapenos. They were not....they were very hot and too small to stuff with cheese and we had a ton of them.....what a waste because I had no idea what to do with them. Trial and error....this is what learning is about : ) I also planted cabbage last year as well to make a freezer coleslaw. The cabbage didn't do so well but I did get a few heads that I used to make cabbage rolls.

I did have things go to waste because I didn't know what to do with it. It seemed you couldn't give it away...so many people out here in the country grow their own food. Although I do see people who live on main roads with veggie stands where they sell their garden veggies. I don't live on a main road but I think I might do this in the summer.....Lord willing we have enough to sell.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Childrens' Goals and Dreams

This is something I think about often, now that my older children are in their teens. I often wonder and think about what it is that the Lord will have them do in the future. As a parent it is my job to help guide them in the direction the Lord would have them go. Sometimes I get frustrated/overwhelmed because I wonder how in the world we will financially be able to help them reach their goals/dreams. I especially consider what it is that my daughters will do. I'm not opposed to higher education for my girls, I just don't want to see them put so much money(student loans), time and effort into a "career" that will be wasted if/when God gives them a husband , children and a home to care for. I also wonder sometimes how I'll know if we are going in the right direction but as I am learning the Lord seems to be opening the doors and providing a way, even when it seems impossible to me.

From a very young age my daughter has loved to dance, so at 3 years of age I signed her up for a ballet class. As she got older the teacher told me that she could see that my daughter had a natural gift/ability for ballet. She became more involved in ballet, even became apart of a Christian ballet dance group. At about 10 she stopped taking ballet with her teacher of 7 years. There were several reasons for quiting but one main reason was money. She began taking ballet again with another teacher until that teacher retired in the fall. We weren't able to find an affordable or close by studio. I just figured that was it ...no more dancing. Well back in Feb. I ran into my daughter's first dance instructor. I told her my daughter hadn't been dancing because we hadn't been able to find a place for her. My last comment to her was" if the Lord wants her to dance he will provide a way." Honestly I hadn't really thought about that before. In the back of my mind I always thought that dance was just a fun thing for her to do and it wouldn't be apart of her future. Having run into her first teacher it made me remember how much my daughter learned and enjoyed dance. I began to pray a simple prayer "Lord if ballet is something you want her to do please provide a way for her to do it"
Within a week of that prayer I received a call from a dance instructor I had contacted back in the fall. She called me to let me know she would be starting a ballet worship class. I was thrilled because God provided that affordable and close by opportunity. My daughter has been taking this class for over a month now and enjoys it. Although I found myself getting discouraged because this class doesn't really cover all aspects of ballet , like dancing on pointe, which my daughter really has wanted to do (the Lord even provided a free brand new pair of pointe shoes for her). Instead of getting discouraged I just thought to myself the Lord provided this opportunity for her...this is what He wants for her and we/I will be content with that.

Out of the blue last week I received a phone call from my daughter's previous instructor, who had retired in the fall. She said she was going to start offering a few classes , including pointe, at her home. The cost .....$3 a class! That's pretty much nothing! I asked the teacher why she decided to do this . She said my daughter, as well as a few others that she saw had a lot of potential and she knew it would be hard for them to find another place to take classes....she wanted to give her the opportunity! Isn't God good!

I found out recently that this teacher had a student that she instructed for 10 years that went on to dance for a Christian ballet company. I don't know what God has planned for my daughter but I can't help but think he's preparing her for it now & that it involves ballet.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Going Ons

Haven't really had much time to write...it's been a busy few weeks. Our family is getting over a virus. It's a stomach virus that lasts about a day but leaves you wiped out for about a week. My daughter who is 3 is working on the potty training thing but let me tell you this week I'm glad she was wearing diapers ; ) I stopped at the store today and got her some DanActive Probiotic Drink. The last time she had this problem it cleared up within a day.

My older children have spent the week taking achievement tests. In our homeschooling we have always done portfolio reviews and handed those into our local school district. This year; however, I had the opportunity to have my kids tested. They have had a pretty easy time with the testing. I was afraid they would struggle with it since they aren't use to testing. Tomorrow is the last day of testing. Yay! It will take 6 weeks for the results and I can't wait to see how they did!

We don't have any special plans for Easter but am looking forward to the Good Friday service we will be attending...as long as no one is sick. I invited my dad (who isn't saved)... I hope he comes...he said he would try. Well that's all for now ...I have to go pick up my kids from their day of testing.