Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Few Funnies

My 10 year old daughter is playing on a community baseball team for the first time ever. I have to admit I don't think I was thinking clearly when I signed her up. She did want to play but I think I should have put her on an all girls team. She is 1 of 2 girls on the team...the rest are boys. The only other girl is her friend. We asked to have them on the same team...I'm so glad we did : ) I know none of this is funny but I am getting to the point : ) During the first practice the boys were being hard on the girls and you could see the frustration on their cute little faces. Let me tell you though God didn't make us girls wimpy....we can be pretty tough if we have to be! LOL! If you could only see the girls now. By yesterday's practice the girls were really doing great. Two of the boys that were playing catch with my daughter asked her to stop throwing the ball so hard because it hurt . Then my daughter was playing 3rd base and two plays in a row got the runners out. That's my girl! The boys made a comment to the two boys that she got out " You got out by a giirrrl!"

I sure hope I'm not creating a feminist out of my daughter : ) LOL!

The second funny was last night. The weather has been beautiful here. We had the windows open letting the warm air in. The Spring Peepers are out and were especially loud last night. My 3 year old daughter looked a little bewildered by the noise coming from outside and was asking to shut the window. I told her that noise was all the spring peepers peeping. She said " Well I want them to stop peeping!" So funny! You gotta love girls!

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wifeandmom said...

Oh I love the girl stories. Hooray for your daughter's pitching arm! :)

We've got the Spring Peepers too and the little frogs that chirp on the pond. I love the sounds of Spring.

I hope you have a blessed week!