Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Going Ons

Haven't really had much time to's been a busy few weeks. Our family is getting over a virus. It's a stomach virus that lasts about a day but leaves you wiped out for about a week. My daughter who is 3 is working on the potty training thing but let me tell you this week I'm glad she was wearing diapers ; ) I stopped at the store today and got her some DanActive Probiotic Drink. The last time she had this problem it cleared up within a day.

My older children have spent the week taking achievement tests. In our homeschooling we have always done portfolio reviews and handed those into our local school district. This year; however, I had the opportunity to have my kids tested. They have had a pretty easy time with the testing. I was afraid they would struggle with it since they aren't use to testing. Tomorrow is the last day of testing. Yay! It will take 6 weeks for the results and I can't wait to see how they did!

We don't have any special plans for Easter but am looking forward to the Good Friday service we will be long as no one is sick. I invited my dad (who isn't saved)... I hope he comes...he said he would try. Well that's all for now ...I have to go pick up my kids from their day of testing.


Ace said...

So glad you guys are feeling better, hate the stomach bug!

Last time we had it it was HORRIBLE..honestly the WORST stomach bug I have ever had in my life and that is saying something.
We all threw up for days AND had the runs.

A little honey and ginger root (we used ground) stopped the throwing up and we took acedolphilus (sorry about the spelling) and garlic in our yogurt to stop the runs.

Whew, glad that is over, I am all about much as is possible.

Glad to know the kids are kicking butt on the testing, let us know how it goes.

Many Blessings :)

wifeandmom said...

I am so sorry you all were sick... Ugh. that is so not fun. I will be praying that everyone regains full strength soon.

Hope the testing came out good. That had to be a little intimidating, but it sounds like your kiddos have been brave troopers.

Hope you have a nice Easter weekend and will say a prayer that your dad is moved at the Good Friday service. :)