Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So Many Projects So Little Time

I love the spring but I tend to have so many project ideas/plans and very little time to start them. Things keep coming up that I can't get things started. I bought the paint and nicnacs for my master bath project but we got busy with sickness , testing, and baseball practice for 3 of my children, that I haven't even started it.

To make our country living a little more country : ) .....we are getting some chicks (laying chicks). We have a garden shed that we hardly use that we will be turning into a chicken coop when the chicks are big enough to be in it. We need to plan for our veggie garden as well. I would love to grow enough to preserve shelves of canned veggies. I really think planning is the key to having a successful garden and I'm slowly learning how to do that. Plant what you know you will eat and have a plan on how to use what you will grow.
Last year I thought of veggies that I wanted to learn to can /preserve and planted the things I would need to do that. I planted pickling cucumbers and dill to make my kosher dill pickles....they turned out wonderfully...although I will use less salt next time : ) I also made a sweet pickle relish out of all of those cucumbers. I wanted to plant jalapeno peppers to make jalapeno poppers to freeze....those cheesy filled appetizers that you can buy at restaurants. Well I couldn't find them so I bought another type of pepper that I was told was similar to jalapenos. They were not....they were very hot and too small to stuff with cheese and we had a ton of them.....what a waste because I had no idea what to do with them. Trial and error....this is what learning is about : ) I also planted cabbage last year as well to make a freezer coleslaw. The cabbage didn't do so well but I did get a few heads that I used to make cabbage rolls.

I did have things go to waste because I didn't know what to do with it. It seemed you couldn't give it away...so many people out here in the country grow their own food. Although I do see people who live on main roads with veggie stands where they sell their garden veggies. I don't live on a main road but I think I might do this in the summer.....Lord willing we have enough to sell.


wifeandmom said...

Chickens! How exciting. You will have to let me know how that goes. I so want to have them running around our place someday. We live in the country too so we can have them. :) Your bathroom and garden plans sound wonderful. One thing at a time and you'll get it. Isn't it great to be busy though? Can't wait to see pics, if you post them, of the bathroom and of your garden once you get it going. I think selling your produce is a fantastic idea. Could be great experience for the kids too. :)

Nancy said...

That sounds like fun! Wish I could make a garden! I was picturing myself canning with you as I was reading this. LOL!

Ace said...

You sound blessedly busy. If you do the pickles again and get a chance, I would love to hear your recipes.

Many Blessings :)

wifeandmom said...

Ahhh! I did something kind of silly. :) Well, you see...I didn't like the name of my web address from the time I chose it so I changed it! Now, I have to go around and explain the change. Anyway..... the new web address is:


This is what I call too much time on my hands. :) This is what I've been putting together when my kids take their nap instead of doing something productive like hopping on the treadmill or prepping dinner! LOL! Anyway, this is more fun and there won't be time for such frivolous time expenditures soon enough, right?


Hope you have a great day!!!

wifeandmom said...

Love, love, LOVE your pretty blog background!!!! :)