Monday, June 29, 2009

Today's to do list

I had planned on painting my hallway , part of the living room that I never finished the first ime I started painting, and my bedroom today. I never did get to the bedroom....I'm too tired to do that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I have a chicken in the crockpot that smells wonderful. I have to shred it and add some bq sauce to make sandwiches. I'll have some veggies for the side dish.

Today when I was painting, my 15 year old son and I had a conversation about a young lady on his softball team. He had the opportunity to share his faith in Jesus with her. I am so proud of him for doing that but it didn't go so well. She told him he was stupid because he believed what he did. She said she follwed the 10 commandments....that was her salvation. He said if we tried to follow the 10 commandments none of us would get to heaven because it not humanly possible. She said a few more things and then changed the subject. That's okay though, my son planted the seed and God will do the rest.

Well that's it for today...gotta get dinner ready.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Around the House

These past few weeks I've gotten a terrible itch to paint and spruce up the house. I posted pictures of my bathroom already which is almost finished except for the floor. Next week I'm hoping to work on painting my bedroom and the hallway leading up to the bedroom....the paint I need is going on sale next I'm waiting patiently.

I bought some curtains for my bedroom, I'm anxious to get those hung up but the painting needs to be done first. When that's all done I am hoping to paint my kitchen. I ordered some new curtains for that and I can't wait until they come. They are really nice curtains(just what I've been looking for) but I spent way more then I wanted to on them. I was so focused on the curtains being on sale & was in such a hurry to order them before the sale ended that I wasn't really paying attention to what I was ordering. When I looked at the picture online it showed the windows with valances, swags, and tiers. It stated it was sold as a set. So I thought I was getting those three things in a set for one widow. Well, that was not the case....I was getting a set of tiers for one window....valances and swags were not included. My order for the tiers had already been shipped & I was looking forward to hanging these curtains so much, I broke down and ordered just the valances...doubling the cost of the curtains...ugh!

On another note...Four of our 15 chickens died. It wasn't the most pleasant death for them I'm sure. We have 3 huskies that live outside in their dog pen....well they found a break in their fence and found their way to the chicken coop. The door to the chicken coop was open and the inside wire wasn't strong enough to keep them out. Poor chickens didn't even see what was coming : (

Well that's it for today. If I ever finish my projects...I will try to post pictures.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summertime Craft for Kids

Looking through some kid's crafts magazines (Pack-o-Fun) I borrowed from the library, I found this adorable craft. You use sculpting clay that hardens when it's baked. The magazine had the pattern to cut out to make the frog. I don't know if we follwed the directions just so because I think the frog is supposed to sit on the edge of the flower pot. I just used a hot glue gun to stick them to the edge.
My daughter made the middle frog and my son made the frog on the end.
I'm not very artistic but this is my attempt at making a snake : ) We gave the middle frog flower pot away to our neighbor and the other frog my kids are giving to their dad for Father's day. We hid it away in a little corner outside so that it could get sunshine and rain, we just hope dad doesn't find it before Father's Day.

Monday, June 15, 2009

That's Just Life

Last week and the weekend were a bit of a bummer. Not huge things but just enough to cause discouragement. In my real life (opposed to my anonymous blogging life) I struggle in connecting with a good many Christians in my church. I seem to connect better with Christians outside of my church. It doesn't seem it should be this way....this is my church family for crying out loud! Church often just feels like high school, with the cattiness and clicks. It really just turns me off to having any real Christian fellowship within my church.

There is one woman that I know that just really rubs me the wrong way, I just can't get to know her, nor do I really desire to. She's always appears to be friendly to others ,including me, but it seems only to be on the surface friendliness, at least this is the way I have seen it. It got back to me this week , that she had some pretty harsh things to say about my hurt and reinforced my feelings about keeping certain others from church at arms length. I know I need to forgive her and overlook her offense. I feel I have...I'm not angry anymore and don't feel I'm holding it against her but in all honesty I just don't have any desire to have any real meaningful Christian fellowship with her. She's not knocking down my door either...actually from what she had to say...I get the impression she doesn't want much to do with us. Life is a struggle.....I wish I was better at seeing day to day life from an eternal perspective.

God is good though...yesterdays sermon was so touching and God spoke to my heart through it & I pray it spoke to hers. God really is a personal & living God, aware of our hurts. It's hard to imagine going through life without Jesus. I know life is not going to be easy, but difficult if you are a follower of Christ, but to know that you can count on Him and come to him whenever you want...brings such a peace. There are many times when I don't spend the personal time with the Lord, when I know I should. When will I learn that I'm only hurting myself....I'm missing out on much. Yet there are other times that I have an overwhelming desire, that comes out of nowhere, that I just can't wait for a quiet time to run to Him and be with only Him. It is such a secure and loving place to a little child wrapped up in the loving , strong, and secure arms of their daddy.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bathroom Makeover

Awhile ago I told you about trying to redo my bathroom on a budget. It's not completely finished. The flooring still needs to be replaced and the trim hung back up. I don't have before pictures...just picture bare white walls.
The butter fly picture above is an Anne Gedde picture that I boought at Aldi years ago. I had it hung in a different room but moved into the bathroom because I thought I looked better in here.

I got the floating shelf for $6 at a closeout store. The picture frame was $3...I bought two. the other one is hung on the other side of the roon. I printed out black and white photos that I took of my kids and put them in those frames.